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Spanking and Sex Games

 - for naughty parties

Please be careful - if you do anything dangerous, don't say I told you to.   The rules of these games don't allow dangerous dares, but if someone dares you to do something dangerous anyway, you can always refuse.  No game rules can make you do anything.

TEENAGERS: These games are not intended for you.  If you like spanking, you are not alone (it's very common, actually), but please be careful who you play with. If you are doing something with an older person you can't talk to outsiders about, don't do it. Most cases of sexual abuse of minors are by a family member or a family friend. If you are uncertain of what to do, talk!  Knowledge is power.   Try a forum on ScarletTeen.    Or Livewire teen
Labas!   Ar ju-s kalbate angliškai?   Lithuanian visitors please click here

Spanking Strip Poker   answers the question, "what happens in strip poker when the person who loses a hand, is already naked?"   For 2 to 10 players.   Sent to me by "Karen."    non-JavaScript version.

TRUTH or DARE ?   - A traditional game of being dared to do things you might not want to do.    Or maybe you just want to be dared. non-JavaScript version

The Random Porn Button   The Random Porn button  can be used for a "do something you find on the internet" dare.

spin bottle iconSpin the Bottle   - dare version -  three to twelve people. non-JavaScript version 

Spin the Bottle   - kissing version - three to twelve people.

Spanking Poker - poker played with chips that have value as spanks.  Has a javascript "spanking calculator."

Vixen - a sex game for 3 to 8 players.    In Vixen, you draw cards that describe sex acts of many different kinds.   There is a small forfeit for not doing what's on the card.   This game is about finding out what your friends are willing to do. non-JavaScript

Spank the Bones  - a dice game.   For 2 to 16 players.   Sent to me by "Karen." non-JavaScript version

Russian Woodshed Roulette is a spanking game for about four to ten people.   One person gets a big spanking.   The suspense as you turn over the cards may not equal ordinary Russian Roulette, but it can be exciting.

Doctor - a spanking game for about six people, or more.   It is a game of asking silly questions about sex and spanking.

Hard Target - based on an Italian forfeit game.

野球拳  : Yakyuuken - traditional Japanese stripping game.

大富豪/大悲民 : Daihimin/Daifugou - a game of social rank, and drinking.

王様 : Ousama - Japanese dare game. (under construction)

La Main Chaude (Hot Cockles)  - a game of recognizing who is spanking.   

Birthday Spankings  - a spanking party activity based on tradition.

Naked Sardines  - a game of getting naked in tight spaces. 

Betting Spanks  - nothing required but a paddle and a difference of opinion. 

Double or Nothing  - a game of nerve. For two people.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION : Chatroom Spanking  - a game to play over the internet.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION : Hunt the Slipper  - an old English game of keep-away.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION : King and Fool  - a Russian game played for floggings.

Spankless Sex Games : for the tender-bottomed.

Seven Minutes of Heaven - a game for time in the closet

Spin the Bottle - kissing version   - three to twelve people.

Traditional Pain Games  - authentic games collected from around the world, which can be played today.    Arm-wrestling with candles, fist-pounding and foot stomping, pinching games.

Top/Bottom Games : when you know who, but the question is, how much?

SlowPoker - a method of giving a slow, random spanking.   There's a lot of suspense as each card is turned over. non-JavaScript version 

50/50  - a sex game for two, sent me by "Kat". 

Translation, please  - If you know a language other than English, please help this site by translating three sentences.

How to get women to play strip poker  - not that I know how, but here are 15 ideas.a good spanking

Please donate images  - Do you have pictures that would illustrate game outcomes such as kissing, stripping above the waist, getting a paddle spanking, etc.? Will you share them? I won't show any identifying marks, and they will be used for small graphics only.

Didn't find what you were looking for? - drop me a line and ask.    

Fair play - if you lose, and then refuse to be spanked, then it might seem you haven't really harmed anyone; but you have.   Your friends played what they thought was a fair game, and would have taken the spanking, if they had lost.   So please, be sure you can take the spanks before you start the game. If you play the game and then won't take your spanking, well, you can be that way if you want to be, but don't be surprised when your friends get upset.   You have subjected them, without their consent, to an unfair risk.
Dangerous, impossible, and outrageous dares - If you are given the dare "fly", you will get spanked (unless you can fly).  I don't say that "fly" is a good dare, but if you choose to play a spanking game, then you take the spanking.   If Melissa gets the dare "Let Jared French-kiss you," and she doesn't want to do that with him, that is entirely her right, but she does get spanked. These are spanking games, and getting a choice between a spanking and something beyond your comfort level is the point. If you don't want to be spanked, don't play.  But Melissa must not be pressured or badgered into taking the kiss if she chooses the spanking instead; she hasn't broken a rule of the game by choosing the spanking.

If someone gives you the dare "Lie down naked on the white line in the middle of the street," then don't do it - and you don't get spanked. Impossible dares are legal, dangerous dares are not. Although someone might take a single small drink and be under the limit for driving, that choice should always be their own, not something required by a game; so a dare to drink even a single small drink, given to someone who will be driving, is not allowed. A dare to do oral sex without a condom, or any other stupid risk, is also against the rules of these games.

The dare database of these games contains some dares that some may think dangerous, such as taking a dog's penis in your mouth. This dare is there because I think it is actually less dangerous than kissing a human, and indeed less dangerous than shaking a human's hand - but I'm no expert. The choice and responsibility is always your own. (Cats are a bit more dangerous: you can get toxoplasmosis. But this disease is even more common in Frenchmen than in cats, and a cat won't ask you why you voted for George Bush.) If you think a dare is dangerous, even one in the data base, don't do it.

Safety links - I won't attempt to give safety instructions here, except to say that for those who do flogging (not that we're talking about that here), a basic precaution is for each person to have his own whip, used only on himself, to avoid the risk of spreading disease though blood.  Please follow the links in this paragraph, or do an internet search for safer sex instructions, before doing anything more serious than a light spanking.  Spanking is pretty safe, but don't get creative about hitting other parts of the body - don't spank the stomach, for example.   Biting can be done with a layer of latex between the teeth and the thing bitten.     | safer sex |

Privacy - what goes down in the game room, stays in the game room.   These are JavaScript games, so the computation is done inside your own computer, rather than in any computer of mine. I don't even know that you play.

Cards, dice, and a spinner, implemented in JavaScript

Poker shuffle and deal - Could be used for strip poker (I prefer real cards, myself).

Dice Roll program - Could be used for various games (not for money).

A bottle to spin - Could be used for various games (not for money).

Spanking Calculator - Can be used to spankify any game with a point score.

The origin of Pop! Goes the Weasel   - it was a kissing dance before it was a rhyme.   

Are you interested in making friends for erotic games or spanking parties?    
If someone else near you writes, I can pass your messages to each other. This would not be for finding a romantic partner, nor a partner for a two-person spanking session (other sites would be much better for that). This is about a group of friends who play games including nudity, kissing, tickling, and spanking. If you are interested in making new friends, who would also like that sort of play, please drop me a line. I need only your e-mail, your city, and your permission to pass your message on. Note: Nothing much is likely to come of this, as my little site gets only 370 visitors on an average day.
From e-mail:
From name:     state or region:
From city:     country:
To: David Nunes da Silva   -  image - must be typed
Subject: Find friends for erotic game parties
Send if you agree that your message, including your e-mail address, may be passed on to selected persons near you. I will not sell your e-mail address, or pass it on except to other people near you who submit this form (or post to the Adult Party Games forum); I will not send you any mail except a reply and messages from people near you.
    use your own email  
For other mail to the webmaster, please go here.

Adult Party Games, a Yahoo forum - This forum, moderated by me, can be used to look for game players near you, or for any discussion of spanking and other sex games.

SPANKING PERSONALS SITES :  (not reviewed in any way by me) :
 Alternative Lifestyle Personals | - spankers and spankees personals |
 Dare Ring look for the message board | Hot Buns personals |
usenet: alt.personals.spanking | Craig's list personals: this is the M/M category, navagate to find M/F or F/F, search on "spanking". |
disc.server Spanking Personals |

 My list of Local spanking groups in the USA ; Canada |

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Dancing and Strip Poker with my Friends a story by Emi Tsuruta who has helped me with Japanese translations, Japanese games, and encouragement.
Spanking Games by Reb's Paddles.    These games all use dice.

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David Nunes da Silva 

Jane's guide

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I do read my mail, and answer most of it -Davo
Interested in finding new friends who enjoy erotic spanking parties? Please go here.
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Lithuanian :  This page is getting a lot of traffic from a Lithuanian website :  Valdove.LT : Alternatiyvus gvenimo stilius.   If you know any Lithuanian spanking games, and can describe them in English, please go to the forum, join, and post to describe the games.   If you can translate into Lithuanian, mail me.
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Translation stuff (please ignore):
My name : David Nunes da Silva
Description : Sex and spanking games for naughty parties ; game rules for spin the bottle, truth or dare, strip poker, and other sex games. Free JavaScript games for online use in the game room.
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