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The Random Porn button is a fast way to find random free porn. Click the "Random Porn" button and a window will open, click the top one. Usually, that will open a window with thumbnails that open to full size images, or short video clips. If this fails, just click the Random Porn button again. There are currently 3124 archives randomly searched, with about 90 pages per archive on average.

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WEBMASTERS : If you want your archive included in random searches, or excluded, enter the URL here:

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You must e-mail the request to me for it to take effect; additions and removals are done by hand, and take a few days.
WEBMASTERS : The Random Porn button may be installed on any web page:
Please note - the button is a link to Google, a different one each time it is pressed; I have reviewed Google's policies and believe this does not violate them, but you must make your own decision: I make no warranty that Google won't ask you to desist. And indeed I make no warranty of any kind.

1) Copy this code and insert it into the page
at the point where the button should show:

2) Do "save image as" on the "random porn" button and the Google logo ("rapo.jpg" and "google_sm.gif") and upload the image files to the same directory where your page is.

That's all.

random porn random porn search using :   random porn ,   MSN search   OR   Yahoo siteExplorer search

If you need two copies on the same page, don't try copying the above code twice, use this for the second one:

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Bone Me - huge porn link site
Smut God - huge porn link site
Cowlist - another huge porn link site
7 Cow - how cow list relates to 7 cow I do not know
Jenny's Bookmarks - yet another huge porn link site
Sublime Directory - yet another huge porn link site
giga galleries - y.a. huge porn link site
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Virgin Fucked - this link is to an essay about Søren Kierkegaard - just kidding; it's porn
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EasyGals - I've run out of adjectives huge porn link site
Dirty Rhino - like we needed another one

Erotica Search - "Don't go blind looking at porn"

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Ask Jolene : another porn search
Ask Tiava : a porn search engine
EROTIC - GAMES: All kinds of  XXX Games & Adult Software for PCs & Macintosh. Play Erotic Games Online. Ask Tiava - porn search engine

(Opera browser, changing the "download folder" : Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Downloads ; some I use: ... \randporn\wmv\ ; ... \operadown ;
pictures looked at get cached here : C:\Documents and Settings\Davo\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4 )

Here are a couple of tools placed here for my own use.

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Paste the source code of a window of links here; (Opera browser: On page to be analyzed press: Ctrl-F3, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C; go to this box and press Ctrl-P).

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