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Erotic Games
-a RingSurf web ring

TEENAGERS: This is an adult web ring.   

I am supposed to set up a hub page for the RingSurf webring I just created   - This one -

Erotic Games - the ring of which this is the hub
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List of sites:
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The description:
Erotic games for two or more real humans : Erotic Party Games, adult board games, Truth or Dare, Spin the Bottle, Strip Poker, Spanking Poker, games for couples, multi-player electronic and computer games, multi-player online sex games, adult RPG, and spanking party games.
The keywords:
Erotic Adult Parties Games Spanking Sex Dares
The Category
My own page on the ring
Spanking and Sex Games - for naughty parties

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New web ring : Erotic Games

I've just created a new web ring called Erotic Games  (by RingSurf)  and am looking for member.    The subject is all varieties of erotic games, party games, spanking games, games for couples, computer games, online games, and traditional erotic games.   If you are interested you can reach the join page at  :
and the ring hub is
and my own page on the subject is
thank you,
David Nunes da Silva


- January 2005 -

David Nunes da Silva 

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