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7 minutes of Heaven
The usual warning about teenagers playing with older people applies.   Me telling you not to do something won't make a difference, but talking about what games you play with your friends can help you decide what you want, and will make it easier to say no. Try a forum on ScarletTeen.    Or Livewire teen

Here are the rules.
  1. Here's a random generator to pick one man and one woman at random:  
       Figure out how the players are numbered before spinning.
       Players are
    men and women.        

11 12 1
10 bottle 2
9 3
8 4

7 6 5
Man chosen:

11 12 1
10 bottle 2
9 3
8 4

7 6 5
Woman chosen:
The initiator will be  .
  1. The man and woman chosen spend seven minutes in a closet together, without their watches (or cell phones) to tell time.    When the door is closed, press this:   
     ; a bell will ring.       
  2. The initiator is responsible for taking the initiative. All talk in the closet should be whispered.
  3. Before the spin, players may be in any state of attire (or lack of it) they want, but no clothing may be removed between winning the spin and going into the closet.
  4. The other players may put their ears to the closet door, and shout rude suggestions.
  5. The closet door is opened by the other players when the time is up.   If the couple in the closet are wearing less than when they went in, they get a spanking. If they are caught doing something, they must do the same for each player outside the closet.
  6. If there is no light in the closet, good.
  7. No one is obliged by the game rules to do anything they don't want to do. If someone whispers NO, that means NO.
  8. Don't do oral sex without a condom, or do any other dangerous thing.

To download this game:
  1. From your browser's menu click on File->Save As.
  2. Set the "Save as type" to "Web Page, complete" ("Web Page with Images" in Opera)
  3. Save it.
  4. Then just open the file you saved in your browser; it will work fine without an internet connection.
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