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Spank the Bones
- a spanking dice game

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NOT ADULT?: If you want to play a game of nudity or spanking with each other, I think that is none of my business.  Please don't participate in, or tolerate, pressuring anyone to do something they don't want to do.  And don't let anyone pressure you.   If you've found this page because you've developed an interest in spanking or being spanked, don't e-mail me, I don't want to exchange e-mails about spanking with a minor.    You could try ScarletTeen.   

Spank the Bones    For 2 to about 8 players.   Sent to me by "Karen."   Loosely based on 'Tumbling Dice' sent in to Reb by Sub Guy at

You need three dice for each player, and a paddle or other implement.    (If you don't have enough dice, you can make do with nine dice, or even only three.)

  1. The number of rounds that make up one game, is three times the number of players - 12 rounds for four players.
For each round.
  1. Each player rolls three dice.
  2. High roll gets spanked by low roll.
  3. Of the three dice that the high roll rolled, he or she gets spanked on clothing for one die, on underpants for one die, and on the bare for the third.  Which die is which is the spanker's choice.   But it is wise to give as few bare bottom spanks as possible.
  4. Each person keeps track of the total number of bare bottom spanks he or she gives.
  5. If there is a tie for high roll, both get spanked (or however many are tied for high roll.)
  6. If there is a tie for low roll, the high roller is spanked by both of of them (getting twice as many spanks - or more if more than two are tied for low.)

The big spanking.
  1. Play continues for the set number of rounds - three times as many as there are players..
  2. The player who has given the most bare bottom spanks gets the big spanking.  
  3. The spankee must strip naked
  4. For each player, the number of bare-bottom spanks he or she has already given, is the number given to the spankee.
  5. Each player who spanks the spankee, must kiss him (or her), either on the cheek of the ass, or the lips.

Using fewer dice - nine dice.
This makes it slower - the players roll in turn.    If a player's roll is neither the highest nor the lowest of the rolls so far, he or she passes the dice to the next person who needs them.   You keep the dice you rolled as long as you are either the highest or lowest.
- three dice.
Still slower - the players roll in turn, and keep track of their roll (recording each die) on paper.  


- February 2005 -

David Nunes da Silva 


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