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野球拳  (Yakyuuken)
- the Japanese stripping game

TEENAGERS: Oh well, you'll do what you want to do, whatever I say. 
But in case you don't know it already, it is not a good idea to get naked with a grown-up. 

Yakyuuken is scissors-paper-stone, where each time you lose you take off one piece of clothing

No spanking in this game, and nothing is needed to play except your hands.

  1. Take off your shoes if you are indoors (it's a Japanese game). 
  2. Any clothing which is not normal indoor wear must be removed before play, but it is not a requirement that everyone have the same number of pieces of clothing.
  3. Everyone chants together, Baseball should be played like this : Out! Safe! Yoi-oino-YOI!  and on the final YOI! everyone holds out either two fingers (scissors), five spread fingers (paper), or a fist (stone).     If all three choices have each been chosen by someone, or if everyone has all chosen chosen the same thing, play again.  Just chant Yoi-oino-YOI! again.   But if just two of the three choices have been chosen, then one of those two must be the loser: scissors cut paper, paper wraps stone, stone crushes scissors.    For example if some players have chosen stone and some players have chosen paper, and no one has chosen scissors, then since paper wraps stone, those who chose stone are the losers.  
  4. The losers play among themselves.   Continue until only one person is left; that person takes off one item of clothing.
  5. In this game pairs of things, such as socks, count as one item.
  6. Play continues until one player is completely naked. 
  7. Have a round of drinks, or eat some snacks, or do some activity together, before putting your clothes back on.   Hugging the naked person is a good activity.
  8. If you play over and over again, if someone loses twice in a row, or three times in total, some additional penalty decided after the fact by the other players is imposed.
Yakyuuken   野球拳   links

Yakyuken 2.0
Japanese-English free online dictionary  ( you're all set if you can see these kanji characters :  大名.  If you see these characters as mojibake (garbage) then go here, and install the fonts.  You will need to reboot, )

       I like this dictionary, except for one infuriating thing - it does not give the romanji of a translated word.
      a way to get kanji as images from romanji  :   more versions of this dictionary
Kanji to romanji converter  - also translates, but not well
A slow dictionary - but good for romaji or katakana to English or kanji
Babelfish machine translation
Online game (to make a cartoon strip)  another:(this cartoon girl is too young to do this with strangers)
    another (shockwave rather than java)  another  
Wikipedia article (Babelfish translated)
Yakyuken Special game : a place to buy it, maybe
Yakyuken Special : a cheat to skip the FMV sequence
Review of Yakyuken Special : "... like buying a stack of porno and only letting yourself read it if you can call a coin flip fifty times in a row. That being said, believe this: you can lose at this game for ten hours and spend each minute of it happy."
Idol and Yakyuken :  can only be played on the Japan version of the PSP Playstation Portable console
Yua Aida no Taiketsu Yakyuken ( a DVD idol movie, no subtitles, I think ; but then, why would you need any?)
Moero Yakyuuken is a Nintendo Famicom game.
Opera, my favorite free browser, has fine Japanese language support
Urban Dictionary entry
Google search "yakyuken OR yakyuuken"
Yahoo Games Japan (which reports 0 hits on
野球拳 )

From My Asakusa, by Sadako Sawamura :
Two children often played janken, scissors-paper-rock.   The one who won pulled up the other's sleeve and stroked, rubbed, and tickled the upper arm, saying, "Somen, nyumen, hiyasomen, chinpi, chinpi, chinpi."   When saying the "chinpi," part, the child pinched the arm harder and harder.  Anyone who cried out in pain lost the game.
    In a similar game, two children sang, "Otsune-san / From a pig dealer / From Oyster-shell Town."   If a boy and a girl played this game together, other boys who wanted to be mischievous were sure to make fun of them and shout, "Look at them.  A boy and a girl are parching beans.   They'll never finish."   These boys must really have wanted to join in the girl's games and play.
[ Somen, nyumen, and hiyasomen  are three kinds of noodles, and chinpi means orange peel.    "Parching beans" is yet another Japanese slang expression for having sex.  I think the teasing meant "Little boy, little girl, trying to get it on: they'll never come!"  I don't understand what game was played using the Otsune-san song, but I presume it was similar to the first game in that both involved pinching. ]
[ I really recommend this book, by the way. ]

藤八拳・東八拳   Touhachiken  :  
Touhachiken is similar, except with hunter, fox, and gun instead of stone, paper, and scissors.    Hunter controls gun, gun shoots fox, fox tricks hunter.    Fox is shown by holding both hands up, palms outward, to indicate the foxes ears.   Gun is shown by shooting a rifle, with one hand on the barrel and one on the trigger.   Hunter is shown (I don't know why) by both hands pointing down with the palms out.   Touhachiken is traditionally a drinking game, played by two people only, where if you lose three times in a row you drink a cup of sake.
web page

Yakyuken in JavaScript UNDER CONSTRUCTION In a stripping computer game, you expect the computer to show you pictures of your naked opponent, if you win.    But I have neither the gullible friends, nor the server capacity, needed to put more nudie pics on the web - plus there are so many there already!     But nudie pics this game must have, so winning in this game will open a Google search window, and the results in that window will, with any luck, take you to some porn.      If you lose, you can go find your own porn.

Your opponent: fully dressed
you: fully dressed

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