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Russian Woodshed Roulette
- a spanking game

NOTICE: this game is for grown-ups. 
If you are younger than 18, please go away.

Perhaps you are looking for The Old Russian Woodshed or
The New Russian Woodshed?

Russian Woodshed Roulette is a spanking game for about four people, or more.   One person gets a big spanking.   The suspense as you turn over the cards may not equal ordinary Russian Roulette, but it can be exciting.   The point is to play for something serious.   But whatever you play for, each player commits to take that amount.  If you don't know you can endure something, name a smaller number.

You need a paddle or other implement, and a deck of cards.

  1. Choose a spanking implement from the ones available, such as a paddle, belt, flogger, whip, or cane.
  2. Everyone is whipped one stroke on the bare ass with the chosen implement, as a taste, by the player on their right.
  3. Anyone goes first and names a number of strokes.  This is the number of strokes given to the loser by each other player.
  4. Once a number is named, each person around the room clockwise either agrees with the last-named number or names a lower number.   The lowest number named is the number that will be given.
  5. This written agreement to be spanked is printed and  filled in, each person signs, making some mark such an eye, hand, foot, face, X,  O, male or female symbol, star, horse, wavy line, penis, or cunt. - no names please.

We the undersigned do each of us agree: That if I should be the one chosen by fair random chance, I will allow to be inflicted on me, as proof of my courage to keep my commitments even in the face of physical pain:  ____ strokes from each other player, _____ strokes in total.  The strokes are to be inflicted by my fellow players with as much human force as they choose, with that particular implement, namely a _________, which I have sampled.



  1. Note - it is a crime to whip an unwilling person, regardless of any prior agreement.  I do not recommend doing it, in any case.  Please obey applicable local law. If the loser doesn't want to go through with it, or stops it before the end, then that's that.
  2. The cards are shuffled and cut, and an equal number dealt face down to each player, until about forty cards are dealt - the players do not look at their cards.
  3. Starting with the player who named the number of strokes, which turned out to be the lowest number, each player in turn turns over one card.
  4. The player who has the queen of spades is the one who gets spanked.   If no one has her, no one is spanked.
  5. The spanks are given on the bare ass, and spankers should spank hard.  The 'taste' stroke, given at the start, should reflect how hard the ordeal strokes will be.
  6. Once the spanking is complete, the written agreement belongs to the spankee, to do with as he wishes.    If the spanking is not endured to the end, it may be kept by some other player.   If no one had the queen of spades, it is destroyed.
  7. There is no use of a "safe word" other than "stop" itself.    If the person being spanked yells "stop" or in any other way says (in words) he wants to stop, or gets up, or covers his bottom with his hand, then he has broken his commitment, and the spanking stops, and does not start again.   A safe word gives the spankee the luxury of shouting "No!" or "Stop, please!" during the spanking without meaning it - but that is not allowed here.    And the spankee may not be tied, but must keep in place by his own will, or the spanking stops.   The spankee may not ask for a break, or in any way attempt to negotiate the conditions of the spanking, but must be absolutely obedient, and may speak no word except "ouch".
  8. If the spankee fails to go through with it, he may be allowed once to try again, if he wants to and the other players agree, but this should not be on the same day.    He gets the paper back if he goes through with it.
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