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Spanking and Sex Games
- for naughty parties

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TEENAGERS: These games are not intended for you.  What you do is not my business, but please be careful who you play with.     If you need to talk with someone about spanking, you are not alone (it's very common, actually), but don't e-mail me about it; Try a forum on ScarletTeen.    Or Livewire teen
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Toys And Dildos Sex Links
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Adult Games & XXX Software Archive Over 100 sex games and related software; many are free downloads.
DMOZ : Adult party games - open directory
XASA - a directory, one of many that use DMOZ data; this is the party games page.
Adults4 directory : Games : Party games - adult directory
Adult Party Games - a Russian site
Milu open directory : Sesso e relazioni - Italian directory
a2z My Games : erotic games - game directory
Fun and Games - games toplist
Teen Girl Pantsing / Stripping Pranks & Games - board for posting stories
Rukhnet Online Web Directory - online games category
hush-hush - UK adult directory, this is the games page
Adult Game Site - link site - software directory, this is search on "adult game"
Discreet Online Shop - this is product search on "games"
Games links! - game directory.
Bachelorette Party Games - game directory.
Dirty Stores - adult shopping directory, this is the games page. - an adult store, this is the games page--they sell nice whips, too.
Adult Web Games - interactive web games - game store - this is their adult page.
Babeland - adult store - this is their game page.
My Sex Games - computer games. - adult store, game page. Dare Devil board game - £25
Xandria - game page from a store with the slogan: better living through orgasm
Sandager Small Games - not in Danish, but Danish all the same.
Rule 69 - adult store, has some games to buy
Nawty Things - adult store, glow in the dark erotic dice
TheLoveSpot - yet another place to buy those dice
Girls Like to Party - still more dice; strip dice, oral sex dice
Paradise for Adult Entertainment - no games at all; they asked me for a link. They do have over 100 artificial vaginas, including Handy Andy, Trixie the Tramp, and the Vibrating Pleasure Pussy.


Free Sex Games - Online Erotic Flash Games ; the Sexual Pursuits game
Adult Sex Games - more: Online Erotic Flash Sex Games for Free
X Toys and Beyond - sells some games: Kama Sutra
Nookii - a game; comes in a box
Punishment Story - a card game with punishments and rewards - $30
Literotica's list of adult flash games - and no, flash doesn't mean that.
Sexual Trivia - who has been spending late nights surfing the net for raunchy stuff?
Hen Party Dice - throw dice to generate a random dare - £5
Naughty Truth or Dare - dares and questions on cards - $25
PervArtistry - a game in a box, has cards you draw picures on.
Strip Chocolate - not a way to lick a person naked, but a board game - $29.
Dirty Minds, the game of naughty clues
Games of the Heart - game page of a romance-oriented adult store
Adult Sex Games - free online sex games in Flash animation
Adult Web Games - free online sex games
Dare Devil - a board game for lovers
Sexy Party - on SoftPedia
Herbal Cantera Sip and Go Naked AND Strip Checkers! No, really.
Intimate Poker loser performs the task described on the card...
Sex Drive - a board game : test your sex knowledge $40
Erotic Dining Game - a box of stuff £27
Bratz Spin the Bottle - an electronic version.
Character Options Spin the Bottle - an electronic talking version. Aren't you glad this website doesn't talk?
2Adult Flash Games - "Flash" animation
Artcle about "Virtual Jenna"
Sociolotron - an erotic online roll-playing game
Funny-Games - online sex animations, not really games - "What the F*ck" and NEW "Raunchy What the F*ck"
Yahoo group for - only 6 messages in 2005
Erotic Games Online - a subscription pay site


My link sections for individual games (includes links to stories featuring the games): Truth or Dare stories, Spin the Bottle stories, Strip Poker stories
The Sex Game - a collaborative story
Poll : have you ever played a spanking game? - 3524 votes, 78% yes, 81% of them bare.
Poll : how do you play spin the bottle? - 289 votes.
EventWise - for corporate rather than corporal parties - but here someone has submitted Spin the Bottle.
Yahoo group : adult roll-playing games
Lolita does LR - games at a leather retreat
h2g2 on forfeits
hi i need sleepover games and fast - and i am not talkin 'bout baby games
a forum on LiveWire>Teen>Teen Sexuality - about stripping and drinking games. Sigh.

SITES AND BLOGS THAT SEND TRAFFIC HERE   to be on this list, link to me.

Angel Brat's Blog
Spanking Blog
Spanker's Blog
My Bottom Smarts
Wintermute's spanking stories on ASSTR
Collar Purple
A site in what I think is Lithuanian
Tutto Per Internet - an Italian directory
EC banner
Femdom bdsm & Fm spanking, very nice hand-drawn pictures (requires a CyberSex age verification ID, which is free )
Truth or Dare online @
Damien on Myspace
Spanking Asses Red - a blog
Spanko Girl - a blog
Spanking Asses - blog
Vanilla Saturday Kinky Sunday - blog  : spank poker
Forum thread on "mucky games" - with a link to me (unfortunately to the old location)  
Drawing Her OTK
Badgirl's Boobie Bar - blog
Learning to Fly - blog

- a silly search - For "spank on the bottom" in Swedish:


Gayscape - sex directory.


Random Spank Porn : the Random Porn button
Spanking Links
Spanking Games by Reb's Paddles.    These games all use dice.
FETBOT - Open directory for Fetish and BDSM sites.
Spank Directory - Spanking Links
Spanking Menu
The Spanking Internet, chat rooms index
Punishment Book 100 - Spanking & Discipline Sites
Mistress Madeline
MasterStats erotic site popularity rankings
Touch Your Toes - spanking directory
Connoisseur Spanking America - sells spanking videos fifty bucks each
Gloria Brames kinky links
Consensual Spanking: (Periodical) - Topics include: why people enjoy playing spanking games. Costs R260, whatever an R is. A Rand, maybe? - huge porn link site
RealSpankings links - a page of banners.  ( RealSpankings home page. )
Black & Blue Bamboo - an interesting sub's blog
A taste of the birch - Alex Birch's blog.

SPANKING FORUMS   suggest URL.  Local USA : Canada

To read these forums, you must join them or join the network, such as Yahoo, LiveJournal, or MySpace, they belong to.   This means giving out your e-mail address many times over; before you do this, you may want to create a new e-mail account, just for this purpose (how much spanking do you want to see in your inbox?) - list of their spanking groups

Game-related spanking group & forums:      suggest URL
Yahoo: Strip Poker pictures and stories Yahoo: TorDol  - Truth or Dare Yahoo : Adult Party Games  
- this Yahoo group is run by me.

public means messages can be read by anyone, private groups must be joined to read messages

independent forums:     suggest URL.
Spanking Community
- offers free chat
Spankz Unlimited
- spanking forums
- (nothing to do with Tuvalu)
   British Spanking     Spanking Classics Spanking Den
   World Spanking Forum   Flaming Cheeks - private;
    a "runboard" forum;
     joining is cumbersome.

MySpace spanking groups:     suggest URL.
You must be a MySpace member to read messages in any group; membership is free.
Spank Me!  I'm naughty ... spank me!    Who needs a spanking?
BECAUSE YOU ARE BAD   Spank me, I have been Naughty!     male spank
    Spanking   Spankcandy     SPANKING-GUYS

LiveJornal spanking "communities":     suggest URL.
You must have a free LiveJournal membership to read these.
OTK Spanking Spanking   Spanky-Spanky
    spanking_guys   List of groups with "spanking " interest (most of these are dead)
   Bear Spanking    BDSM Meta-Discussion    dom/sub_punishment

Usenet (via Google) spanking forums:      suggest URL
You need a Google ID to read these, I think, since they are adult. soc.sexuality.spanking  assville

Yahoo spanking groups, spanking of female bottoms only ; the number is messages per month
You will need a Yahoo ID, which is free, to read any Yahoo discussion group, and if the group is "private" you will need to join the group as well.
Oh_Spank_Me private spanking_USA 10 - private OTK_Spankings 1 - public
Spanking_ 1 - public Adult-Women-Spanked79 - private beltspaddlesnwoodenspoons119 - public
bare-bottom-spanking88 - private otkbbws FF-clips-only0
lovespanking Paddles - 36 private REDBOTTOMS - 29 private
spankedtears - 30 private Spanking_ - 1 public SpankingForWomenOver40 - 78 private
Hairbrushedwomen- 437 private spankings - 4 private spanking_USA - 10 private
WomenInNeedof Spanking - 27 private

Yahoo Spank Groups, spanking of male or female bottoms ; public (messages can be read by anyone)
OverDaddysKnee - 25 American_Spanking_Fun - 25 OTK
aspankophilessafehaven - 16 bbwspanking - 6 spanking_cafe - 15
cyberspankinglovers - 15 otkspankingfriends2 - 11 otkspankingfun - 30
southernspankings - 12 spankingclub - 5  SpankingParties  - 28
  Spank-Me  - 60    Spanky-Spanks - 5  

Yahoo Spank Groups, spanking of male and female bottoms : private (must be joined to read messages)
shadowlanespankingparties8 - Adult_My_Last_Punishment7 - Adult Spankings- 15
all-spanking- 49 aolspank AOL users : 35 Awomanthatspanks- 31
Friendship Spankings - 66 GlowingResults - 28 spankmemories - 53
maman - 32 naughtygirlswomen only : 533 noughtysingles - 42
orientalotk 86 otkfriends12 True Spanking - 22
otkfunforladies7 OTKpleez - 15 otkspankingfriends - 22
RealLife Spanking - 30 self-spanking - 6 Spank-ables - 11 ; pics
spanking_banter - 6 spanking-delights - 178 spank-me** - 78
spankingfemalemale - 2 ; femdom Spankingfriends - 10 SpankingNewbies - 15
SPANKINGpunishmentORerotic - 7 SPANKINGSOULMATES - 18 Spanking Profiles - 181

   suggest URL.
Yahoo Spank Groups, spank fiction   
*** spankingwriters - 0 pvt spankwriters - 0 pvt spankwritersla - 0 pvt
fanfiction_fan911 - 0 pvt spankingfiction - 0 pvt
Yahoo Spank Groups, for pictures
pantsdown - 5 pantsdown2 - 0 pantsdown3 - 1
1spanking- for pictures: 2156 onlyspankingpicspictures 294 spanking_aftermath - 14 ; pics
spanker - 9 pics
Yahoo Spank Groups, childhood memories
after_spanking- ?? behavior_spanking- 171 victorianraisedchildren - 2
Jewish Spanking JewishPowerExchange- 27 pvt
Female CyberSpanking
Active_CSP - 0 pvt
Spanking Personals      spanking personal ads
spank personals - 75 pvt disc.server - 100s public Alternative Lifestyle - active - 20 public Dare Ring look for the message board
Hot Buns - active usenet - 30 public maledom_femsub_relationship_personals - ?? pvt
Big Beautiful Women
bbw spanking - 0 pvt otkbbws - 0 pvt otkbbws2 - 0 pvt
NewYorkBBWSpankingSociety - 0 pvt kattbbw - 0 pvt

LOCAL SPANKING GROUPS in Canada   suggest URL.

spankingtoronto - 4 pvt whackingto - 2 pvt
Vancouver to Hope Valley:
valley spankers - 0 pvt
Montreal area:
BDSM-Montreal - 0 pvt
Quebec, BDSM Calendar: - 0 pvt
British Columbia:
BC-AdultGroups - 0 pvt BritishColumbiaAdultListings - 0 pvt
Spanking_in_Edmonton - 0 pvt

The number is the number of postings per month; public means postings can be read w/o joining, pvt means not.

Arizon Spankings- 1 public
arkansas spanking - 11 pvt

california spankings- 7 pvt socal spankingparties- 4 pvt SanDiego Spanking- 77 pvt
Santa Ana otk spanking parties- 96 pvt LosAngeles Spank_Now- 20 pvt LosAngeles spanking- 5 pvt
OrangeCounty Spanking- 30 pvt SoCal SM Events- 163 pub San Mateo spankers- 10 pvt
San Francisco spankings- m/f 15 pvt kink in the bay area- 176 pvt Sacramento spanking- 68 pvt
Craig's list M/M Craig's list MsW Craig's list WsM
OCMunch- 7 pub Pasadena_Munch_bunch- 7 pvt Hollywood_Munch_SpankingParty_Group
TRG_SF_ValleyMunch- 3 pvt HighDesert Domination Circle- 72 pvt Caryl's Page - 0 pvt
 LiveJournal : sfbay_bdsm
Colorado-spanking - 6 pvt
Connecticut spanking - 15 pvt
DELMARVA spanking - 12 pvt
Jacksonville-FL Spanking club - 40 pvt Tampa Bay Spanking Club - 12 pvt Bible_belt - 18 pvt
Spanking Orlando - 10 pvt Florida Spank club - 23 public sunbelt spanking - 9 public
Orlando Munch and Power - active Florida Moonshine - holds parties Florida Moonshine's forum - 532 public
Georgia spanking - 10 pvt Spankers of the Southeast - active LiveJournal : whippersnappers
  - Atlanta BDSM
Whippersnappers forums
- Atlanta
Chicago spanking - 10 pvt Chicago Crimson Moon - 138 pvt Chicago Spanking Group - 15 public
Spanking in Illinois - 22 public
Spanking, Iowa - 272 members Iowa Spanking2 - 10 public
Indy Woodshed - 123 pvt
OTK-Wichita-Spankings - 4 public
KY_Spanking_2 - 10 pvt Kentucky spanking singles - 8 pvt Louisville Spank - 335 members
Lexington spankings - 1 public
Louisiana Spanking - 10 public spanking in north Louisiana - 1 pvt
Maine spanking - 1 pvt
Maryland spanking - 16 public
Boston metro spanking personals - 50 public Massachusetts Spanking - 20 public NE Erotic Spanking Soc. - 20 pvt
Boston Area Spanking - 1 pvt spanking_in_Mass - 1 pvt Boston BDSM LiveJournal
Michigan spanking group - 18 pvt Michigan Munches - 23 pvt Great Lakes spanking - 19 pvt
Metro Detroit Spanking Soc. - 45 pvt
Spanking Miss. Gulf Coast - 10 pvt
St. Louis spanking - 13 pvt dumdum - 7 public
Nebraska spanking - 14 public
Nevada spanking - 6 pvt
New Hampshire
New Hampshire spanking - 11 pvt
New Jersey
Jersey spankers - 20 pvt Knot For Everyone - active Tom's river munch - 180 pvt
New Jersey spankos - 210 pvt Adult OTK discipline - 21 public
New York
New York BBW Spanking Soc.- 34 Rochester Redbunns- 3 public NY OTK spanking lovers- 95 public
Hudson Valley spanking - 16 spanking in central NY- 2 public Craig's list M/M
North Carolina
North Carolina spanking - 22 pvt
North Dakota
North Dakota spanking - 4 pvt
Tamingwood - 26 pvt Clevland OTK - 369 pvt
Oregon spanking - 6 pvt
Pennsylvania spanking - 23 public Spanking-Pittsburgh - 7 pvt lovespanking - 26 pvt
PA spank - 5 pvt
NE PA BBW Spanking - 10 pvt
Rhode Island
Pawtucket_munch - 12 pvt
South Carolina
South Carolina spanking - 8 pvt
South Dakota
South Dakota spanking - 1 pvt
Southern Spanking Society - 0 pvt
Austin OTK - 24 pvt Dallas spanking grp - 16 pvt DFW spank_shop - 1 pvt
East Texas Spanking - 98 pvt South Texas OTK - 5 pvt Red Bottoms Houston Spanking Club - 14 pvt
Houston Spanking - 1 pvt
Utah spanking - 2 pvt
Vermont spanking - 2 pvt
No. VA spanking enthusiasts - 31 public
Seattle spanking - 5 public Chastenwood, Seattle   - 5 (but 5 good ones) public Washington State Spanking - 22 pvt
Yahoo: Perth, WA spanking group  
DCS - 543 pvt Black Rose - active female spankers in the DC area - 2 pvt
West Virginia spanking - 20 pvt
Wisconsin spanking - 10 public
Wyoming spanking - 5 pvt

The number is the number of postings per month; public means postings can be read w/o joining, pvt means not.
Birmingham_obedience - 8 pvt     - 8 pvt
CPIreland  - 8 pvt     

Elsewhere      suggest URL.
spanking_Africa - 35 pvt

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