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Doctor - a spanking game
NOTICE: this game is for grown-ups. 
If you are younger than 18, please go away.

Doctor is a spanking game for about six people, or more.   One person is spanked at a time, for the others to watch.    This game, unlike most, can be played even if some players don't want to be spanked - the alternative is to get and stay naked.

You need a paddle or other implement, or implements, and a deck of cards.  

  1. Choose a spanking implement such as a paddle, belt, or strap.   Spankings are given hard, up to 27 strokes at a time, so a light paddle or strap, such as a dog leash, is best, unless the players are experienced.  Hands are also used.
For each round:
  1. Each player draws a card, face down, and all turn over together.   Everyone who has an ace, will be a patient, in turn.  The highest ranking face card (K, Q, J) will be doctor.  The highest ranking other card (2-10) will be nurse.   The rank of suits, and the order of play among the aces, is  Spades (highest), Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds.    If there is no patient, no doctor, or no nurse, draw again.
  2. The patient asks the doctor for some medicine, and the doctor tells the patient to strip for a medical exam.
  3. The doctor takes a medical history :   This consists of ridiculous questions about the patient's bottom, including sexual ones and ones about spanking.    For example: "Does your asshole tingle when you kiss?"  "Who did you spank more : Barbie or Ken?"  :"Are you an ass man?"   "Do you remember a movie that had a spanking?"  "Did your mommy spank you?"  "Does it feel good when I do this?"  The patient need not tell the truth, or even answer.  This is a battle of wits between doctor and patient, the patient tries to avoid anything which shows, or can be twisted to show, an interest in bottoms and spanking.   If the doctor thinks an answer or refusal to answer shows a desire to be spanked, he says "Aha!"    The doctor can ask an evasive patient as many questions as he wants, but ordinarily about four questions is enough.    The doctor can poke, prod, and look.
  4. Then the doctor says: "Because deep down you really want to be spanked, you get X spanks, with the (paddle, strap, or hand)."   X is a number from 1 to 13, and the implement named is one of those selected at the start of the game.   The doctor argues for his claim, saying, for example, "The patient didn't answer any questions about his bottom - that proves a deep interest in spanking and so he really wants thirteen spanks with the paddle."    But if the doctor thinks the patient has avoided a slip, he should ask for a low number of spanks, and by hand.
  5. Then everyone except the patient and doctor votes on the doctor's proposed spanking, raising hands for  "Aye."     If the patient made some clever comebacks in the questioning, or made people laugh, he is entitled to a low number, or to be spanked by hand instead of the paddle.   If the doctor has asked for too much, the players should vote Nay.    If however the doctor thinks he's funny, and the patient wasn't, the doctor should ask for a high number, up to 13, and with the most painful implement.    If the votors agree, they should vote Aye.
  6. The patient says either "Please Nurse, give me my medicine" or refuses by saying "Please Nurse, I'm scared to take my medicine."    The .patient does have the right to refuse, but may be teased about it.   A patient who refuses has to stay naked, even after the game is over, until the other players let him put his clothes back on.
  7. If the patient asks for medicine, he is spanked on the bare ass by the Nurse.  Spankings are done with everyone watching the patient's ass get red - everyone must watch.
  8. Then the doctor turns over a card, for a diagnosis.   If the card is a heart, the patient is healthy and gets no more medicine.  Otherwise the doctor makes up a disease - "red-bottom fever," "fallen arches,"  "hoof rot," "premature ejaculation," etc. and prescribes the number of spanks shown on the card.   J,Q,K, and A = 11,12,13, and 14.   If it's diamonds, by hand on clothing, if clubs, by hand on the bare bottom, and if spades, with the paddle on the bare bottom.  This spanking may also be refused.
  9. After being spanked, the patient gets dressed and takes any seat he chooses other than where he was sitting (if he can sit down), and the person in that seat takes the patient's old seat.
  10. Play as many rounds as you like.

- January 2005 -

David Nunes da Silva 


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