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Spin the Bottle
- kissing version

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TEENAGERS: If teenagers play a kissing game with each other, I think that is none of my business.  Don't play with older people, though.   There could be legal issues, even if it is only kissing.   Please don't participate in, or tolerate, pressuring anyone to do something they don't want to do.  Even a kiss is sexual harassment if there is not consent.    Anyone can change his mind at any time.
I'd rather you didn't e-mail me if you are not 18.    
Spin the bottle  A game of kissing for three to about twelve people.   Players sit in a circle, and the bottle is between them, usually on a folded towel.   An empty bottle is better than a full one.

  1. Any person spins - to choose the first spinner.
  2. The spinner spins and kisses the person the bottle points to, boy or girl.
  3. Kisses are on the lips.
  4. What sort of kiss is up to the two of you - but don't stick your tongue in without asking.
  5. Kisses can be done in a private if either person wants it that way.
  6. The person kissed is the spinner for the next turn.
  7. If the bottle points halfway between two people, the spinner kisses them both, and picks the "best kisser," who spins next.
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Kiss the Pillow
Spin the Bottle Kissing version

"My boyfriend an I were at the movie theater and we were playing spin the empty soda cup and my B-friend had to kiss this girl and they were litterally making out right there and they wouldnt stop!"  (Ex?-)boyfriend rated 3.7 out of a possible 5 slimy slugs by the Slime-O-Meter.

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Spin the Bottle
- dare version
see: JavaScript version

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NOTICE: this version of the game is for grown-ups. 
If you are younger than 18, please go away.
Spin the bottle  A game of kissing, getting naked and doing dares for three to seven people.   An empty bottle is better than a full one.   Spin once to start the game - the person the bottle points to is the first spinner.


1. The spinner says a dare: some traditional ones are
2. Then the spinner spins the bottle.
3.  The person it points closest to, has to do the dare.
4.  Ties are settled by scissors-paper-stone
5.  The wildness of the dares is limited only by the fact that the bottle may point to the spinner, so he ends up having to do his own dare.  
6.  If the spinner has to do his own dare, but it is "Kiss me" he doesn't kiss himself - the other players choose a person he must kiss.   The same for any other dare involving the spinner.
7.  If the dare is to kiss or do anything with some person not playing, only do it if that person consents.
8.  If the dare involves a person in the game (Such as "Kiss Darla," when Darla is playing), that person has to go along with it, just as she would if the bottle had pointed to her.
9.  A person who won't do a dare gets spanked by everyone - whatever they think is fair.    But no one ever gets spanked for refusing to do a dare that is dangerous.
10.  When the dare is done, the person who did it spins next.

Spin the bottle is sometimes played for oral sex, and sometimes for dares involving alcohol.   If you do either, remember that playing a game of dares is no reason to be stupid.   No dangerous dares are ever allowed.   Use a condom.   No drinking dares if any person playing will be driving.

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Celebration :  If she hadn’t been a little drunk she would never have agreed to play spin the bottle. And now she was stuck playing spin the bottle because she didn’t think she would be able to get up off the floor.


- January 2005 -

David Nunes da Silva 

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