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Vixen - a sex game for two couples
   by   David Nunes da Silva    | . Game list   E-mail me  | Author's Blog |  
NOTICE: this page mentions various sex acts, and contains adult language.   There are also links to other sites with photographs of grown-ups having sex.
If you are younger than 18, please go away.
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  Game Board Page  Home Page A Game of Vixen

In Vixen, you draw cards that describe sex acts of many different kinds.   In games such as Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare, there is an obligation to do the commanded action; Vixen is different - you don't have to do anything - except choose how far you will goThe spanks in Vixen are for fun, not punishment, but any player can choose to have only pretend swats.

A bottle of champagne.  A toast to love and friendship.   Sex food: Brie, fish, olives, a baguette, weinies.   Music.  Do play on the floor - a card table blocks the view.    A vibrator.   A dildo. Other sex toys.   Lubricant.  

 Vixen  The Rules  Card Look-up  Bad Girl  Bad Boy  Links
  Game Board Page  A Game of Vixen
The Rules of Vixen
  1. Put the four game pieces on the box marked START.  One couple play Vixen and Fox, the other couple play Buck and Doe.   Vixen rolls first, then turn passes Vixen -> Doe -> Fox -> Buck.
  2. Each player in turn rolls 1 die only, and moves ahead that many steps to a square.  The player should first obey any instructions in italics on the square.    If the instruction say to move your game piece, continue your turn on the square you move to.   If directed to draw a card, use the card look-up table to find the erotic suggestion for that card.   Read the erotic suggestion aloud, whether from the square or a card. 
  3. Without consulting with any other player,  announce, by saying YES or NO, whether you agree to perform the suggested action. If you say NO: take one spank token, and move back one square.   This ends your turn.
  4. If you say YES: In most cases, the erotic suggestion will be to do something with another player, listed in bold face.   "opp. sex" and "same sex,"  mean the player of opposite sex or same sex in the other couple.  "Other man" and "other woman" are the man and woman of the other couple.  If the other person says NO, he or she must take a spank token, and move back one square.  This ends your turn.
  5. If you both say YES (or if you do when there is no other) you must obey the erotic suggestion.  The other players are the judges.  When you have obeyed the suggestion to the satisfaction of the judges, that ends your turn.   If the card has the notation "Redeem one spank," you may return one spank token, if you have one.
  6. If the judges are not satisfied, you may try again until they are, as many times as they allow.   Disputes between the judges are settled by majority rule, or if a tie by coin toss.   
  7. If, at the start of your turn, you have five or more spank tokens, do not advance your game piece or draw a card.   Instead, play a spanking game.  You get one swat on your bare bottom for each token.
  8. If you say YES to a suggestion, but won't or can't obey it in the way the judges require, that is punting.  Punting incurs a forfeit of four spanks
  9. Between the time the die stops rolling, and the participants have each said YES or NO, nothing should be said or expressed in any way, by anyone, that might influence a player.  If you do, you are kibitzing. Kibitzing brings a 'punishment' of three spanks. 
  10. The first player to reach the square marked VICTORY is the winner, and becomes monarch.   The others are sex-slaves.  You do not need to land exactly on the victory square.   The monarch's reign lasts for half an hour, or until every slave is free.  Slaves may be freed by the monarch for completing a task well; they become free automatically once they have had seven spanks.
Get naked - stay naked
  1. If clothing must be moved to make the action possible, it should be removed (not just pulled down) by the other participant.  For example, to lick a man's balls, remove his pants and underpants.  Players should not remove clothing except as required by the game.
  2. Players may not put clothes back on, unless so required by the game.   Putting clothes back on is counted as a punt, and you must pay a forfeit of four spanks.  If you need to go somewhere, either take the four spanks or go bare.
Spanking games 
  1. If, at the start of your turn, you have five or more spank tokens, do not advance your game piece.   Instead, roll the die to determine which of six spanking games you will play.   The six games for each sex are listed under "Bad Boy" and "Bad Girl."   You get one swat on the bare bottom for each spank token, and return the tokens.   Spanking games are also played in cases of punting or kibitzing.
  2. Each spanking game specifies who the spanker shall be.  If the spanker says NO to playing the game and spanking, he or she gets a spank token and moves back one square.   Roll again.   The bad boy or girl can't say NO to being spanked, but may say NO to playing a particular spanking game.  If so, he or she takes one extra token and moves back one square, and is spanked by the same spanker with no play-acting. 
  3. Clothing is removed or pulled down as the spanker decides; if removed it is not put back on.
  4. When you're the spanker:   Spank hard.  A good workmanlike stroke.   Try to match the force of your strokes to the force used by other players.  Spank every player equally hard.  Spank slow.   Keep the paddle well away from the base of the spine.
  5. If the bad girl or boy cries like a baby, by saying "Boo-Hoo-Hoo", or "Wah-Wah-Wah", give only a playful clap instead of a spank.    The baby may cry before the first swat.   Spanks for punting or kibitzing may not be reduced in force by crying, only the spanks for spank tokens.   A bad girl or boy who baby-cries, must move her or his game piece back one square.  (One square per spanking game, not per swat.)    The first player in the game to baby-cry is called "The Baby."
  6. If, when spanked for punting or kibitzing, you refuse to be spanked hard, you must quit the game, and leave the room.   Play continues without you.
  7. If a player has dropped out for whatever reason, and if he or she is needed for an erotic suggestion, then the same-sex player substitutes.  If this is not possible, the missing player's partner substitutes.
  1. If you say YES to an erotic suggestion, but after all decline to complete it, or fail to do so to the satisfaction of the judges, that is "punting."    You get four spanks.  Spanks for punting may not be reduced in force by baby-crying.  Roll a die to choose a spanking game
  2. You may not change a YES to a NO based on not having understood what the judges would require.  If what the judges require, is a reasonable interpretation of what the suggestion says, you must do it or punt, even if you assumed the suggestion meant something else.
  3. If there is any doubt about which of the participants has punted, the judges decide, and may rule that they both have.     Even if the judges feel that neither player is at fault, if the action called for in the erotic suggestion did not happen, then one player or the other or both must be spanked for a punt.   If they can't otherwise decide or agree, they flip a coin.
  4. Not having an erection, if the judges require it, is punting.   So is not being able to piss.   But they may not interpret a card to require that a player comes.
  • Notes:  Since spanks for punting may not be reduced in force by baby-crying, a player who does not want to be spanked hard, must be careful not to punt.  If there is any doubt about completing an action and satisfying the judges, you should say NO.   If you choose to say YES, you do so at your own risk.
  • If you can see that an erotic suggestion will be impossible, it is better to say NO.  Once you say YES, you must perform the action or it is a punt.    So if it is impossible, it will be a punt.
  • It is impossible to remove a piece of clothing from someone who is not wearing any, and impossible to strip naked a person who is naked.   A person with a single item of clothing is not naked, even a sock.   Watches and jewelry are not clothing, but shoes are.
  • Saying YES is like accepting a challenge - a gain if you win and a forfeit if you fail.  If the action is not completed, it is a punt, even if the player is in no way at fault.
  • It is not a violation of the rules of Vixen, to say YES to a sex act you have no intention to do.    Declining to do a sex act after saying YES, although it brings a forfeit, is not cheating, and not a violation of the rules.  
  1. Between the time the die stops rolling, and the participants have each said YES or NO, nothing should be said, and nothing expressed, by a look or tone of voice or otherwise, by anyone, to influence the participants in their decision.   If, in this time period, you expresses an opinion, or ask a question, relevant to the choice, that is "kibitzing," and you get three spanks.  Spanks for kibitzing may not be reduced in force by crying like a baby. Spanks for kibitzing are given at the end of the turn in which the kibitzing happened.  Roll a die to choose a spanking game
  2. The two participants may not consult with each other.   The first one to answer must say YES or NO, without any clue from the other as to whether he or she wants to do the action or not.  Body language or any sort of communication is kibitzing.  The participants may not ask advice: it counts as kibitzing to ask a question, if it would count as kibitzing to answer it.   The participants may not ask the judges how they will interpret the erotic suggestion, and the judges may not say.
  3. A player accused of kibitzing is judged by the other players.  Majority rules; ties by coin flip.
  4. It is kibitzing (and sometimes rape) to start an erotic action before the other player has said YES.
  • Notes: Since spanks for kibitzing may not be reduced in force by baby-crying, a player who does not want to be spanked hard, must be careful not to kibitz.    It is safest and simplest just to keep your mouth shut, during the time the rule applies. 
  • The kibitzing rule applies only to the exact time period mentioned.   At other times, you may say what you please.   You may tell someone in advance which actions you do or don't want to do.
  • Kibitzing is a violation of the rules, not something you may do as long as you are willing to take the spanks.   Winning (or gaining any advantage) by intentional kibitzing is cheating.
  • If you say something that has nothing to do with whether a player should say YES or NO that is not kibitzing.   But you speak at your own risk
The reign of the monarch 
  1. The first player to reach VICTORY becomes monarch.  The monarch is called "Your Majesty"  and may issue any erotic orders, and may order a slave to submit to any kind of fucking, or to any torture or humiliation.  The slave says YES or NO.   The monarch may punish any slave who says NO, or who says YES but does not do it, or who does it badly; or the Monarch may punish for no reason at all.    Punishments are spanks, and to stand facing the corner, naked.   There are no other punishments.   The monarch may choose any of the spanking games, or make one up, or just spank.   All spanks during the monarch's reign may be reduced to taps by crying like a baby.
  2. The monarch should either fuck, torture, humiliate, or give a sex task to, each sex-slave. The monarch may, but need not, free the slave for completing the task.   The monarch's reign is over when every slave is free.  If a slave gets seven spanks (or taps) in total during the monarch's reign, that slave becomes free.   In any case, the reign ends after half an hour.  The end of the monarch's reign is the end of game.
  3. Each sex-slave must have the option to choose punishment rather than do any erotic thing.  You may order three naked slaves into the street, and spank the ones who won't go, but you can't invite the pizza boy in, unless each naked slave has been given the option to be spanked rather than be seen naked.  (Only do this if the pizza boy is of age - and consents.)
  4. The monarch should feel free to give orders for any kinky sex thing, provided it is not unsafe (or seriously illegal).  Unsafe sex may not be commanded or consented to.  It's the slave's sole responsibility to say NO if it's something they don't want to do. For example, the monarch may say: "I'm going to fuck your asshole, Fox."  Fox says YES if he consents.   He is free to say NO.   He will in that case get seven spanks, but he knew he was liable to those from the start of the game, and may in any case reduce them to taps.  Some other suggestions for the Monarch:
  • Torture a slave with seven clothespins on his cock.
  • Piss on a slave in the bathtub.
  • Order a slave to fuck someone other than his or her partner.
  • Take a photo of a slave for posting on the Internet.
  • Order a slave to knock on the neighbor's door, naked.
  • Order one slave to spank another.
  • Pick a random Vixen card, and use that as a basis for a command.
  • Order a slave to do oral sex on the monarch.
  • Order a slave to whip the royal butt.
Notes: The monarch is allowed to say, for example, "bend over, slave, for a dozen strokes with the cane."    But the slave only agrees if it is something he or she wants to do.   Otherwise, the slave just says NO, and gets at most seven swats with the paddle.  (And these can be reduced to taps.) 
An example of play in Vixen
Buck draws the 8 of clubs, "Take the other man's condomed penis in your mouth."    Buck says YES,  as he is sure that Fox will say NO, and he wants Fox to be the one who gets the spank token.   This is called 'bluffing'.   Bluffing is a legitimate winning strategy in Vixen, and is not cheating.   But Fox calls the bluff by saying YES,  and puts a condom on his shaft.   Buck moves his mouth close.  He is sure Fox will call it off.   He waits with his open mouth an inch from Fox's cock.  But Fox says nothing.  The women say: "Suck it now or get a spanking."   Buck backs off - and gets four spanks. 


 Vixen  The Rules  Card Look-up  Bad Girl  Bad Boy  Links
  Game Board Page A Game of Vixen

Note: "same sex" and "opp. sex" mean the players of same and opposite sex in the other couple.   "Other woman" and "other man" are the woman and man of the other couple.
You: "Opp. sex": "Same sex": "Your partner": "Other woman": "Other man":
Vixen Buck Doe Fox Doe Buck
Buck Vixen Fox Doe Vixen Fox
Doe Fox Vixen Buck Vixen Fox
Fox Doe Buck Vixen Doe Buck

The Vixen Card Look-up Table

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 Get a bite on the ass from Doe.
Redeem one spank

Stick 2 olives in your partner's ass in a condom, remove and eat. 
Redeem one spank

Kiss your partner; touch the tips of your tongues.

Get two hard hand spanks on each inner thigh from opp. sex
Redeem one spank
 Piss on your partner.
Partner redeems one spank

Your partner bites the inside of your thigh.
Redeem one spank

Get four hard hand spanks from same sex person.
Redeem one spank

Slide your hand over every part of Vixen's body, while singing "Them bones"
 Piss in a cup for all to see.
 piss in pot
Redeem one spank

Run your tongue over  your partner's body from crotch to lips, then kiss.

Give masturbation demonstration, with lecture.  If a woman, include use of dildo. Take questions.

Look at spank porn on internet for ten minutes.  Choose a favorite.
4  With partner, give lecture and demo on use of the vibrator.  If none available, improvise.
Woman: get condomed dildo or improvised dildo in your cunt.
Men: slap your dick.
Redeem one spank

Look at lesbian porn on internet for ten minutes.  Leave your favorite on the screen.

Say "Fox, you Asshole!  You dickhead!" to Fox.
Fox redeems one spank
 Say "Vixen, you Bitch!  to Vixen.
Vixen redeems one spank

Opp. sex pours wine over your crotch and licks it off.

Make up a three sentence story about a girl's first fuck.   Use the words "Cunt," "Ass," and "Supermarket."

Massage your partner's arms with your fingers, press fairly hard.
6  Move game piece back to one square behind last player. Continue turn.
Draw your fingernails across your partner's bottom, make marks. 
Partner redeems one spank

Man: Stick the tip of your cock into your partner's ass. 
Woman: Kiss other man.

Man: rub penises with the other man.
Woman: Kiss other woman.
7  Look at gay porn on internet for ten minutes.  Leave your favorite on the screen.
Stick your tongue in a puddle of your own piss.
Redeem one spank

Go stand facing the corner, naked, until your next turn.
Redeem one spank

Lie face down and let other woman walk on you.
Redeem one spank
8  Drink wine after Buck has stuck his penis into it.
Redeem one spank

Kiss the other woman's foot and apologize, while she calls you a stinking shithead.
Redeem one spank

Take the other man's condomed penis in your mouth. 

Caress opp. sex's nipples with your lips and tongue.
9  Man: bunt an olive three feet, using only your penis.
Woman: massage partner's thigh.

While kissing Doe, put two fingers in her cunt.

Lap champagne from opp. sex's navel.

Get a pinch on the bum from the other woman.
10  Man: slide your penis from your partner's crotch to her mouth.
Woman: shout "CUNT!"

Woman: stroke your teats back and forth across your partner's penis.
Man: call your partner a BITCH.  Loudly.

Put condom on the neck of a bottle, and have your partner shove it up your butt.
Redeem one spank

Man: Describe to other man either your partner's or his partner's breasts.   Take spank  token if he can't tell which you meant.
Woman: shout "FUCK!"
J  Bend over while your partner rubs your ass with crotch.
Man: Give Doe a piggy-back ride.
Woman: Take piggy-back ride on Buck.

Have your partner pour a cup of ice water over your genitals. 
Redeem one spank

Massage your partner's foot with your thighs and crotch.
Q  Dance a tango with opp. sex.   Hold tight.  Grab ass.  Wriggle.
Look at cock in cunt porn on internet for ten minutes.  Say which ones you like best.

 Opp. sex picks up olive with ass.  You eat the olive.
Redeem one spank

Embrace your partner tightly, and kiss.
K  Advance game piece to one square ahead of front player.  Continue turn.
Other man whips your behind with a belt, one very hard stroke.
Redeem one spank

Massage opp. sex's back with your crotch and thighs.

Lick Fox's balls.
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 Vixen  The Rules  Card Look-up  Bad Girl  Bad Boy  Links  Game Board Page
Someone's been a bad girl.
Die Shows
Bad Girl's punishment
1  Put your panties on.  The other man will apply the paddle.   He should sit on a chair.    Say: "Please, not a spanking.   Anything but that."  When he orders you to pull your panties down, say: "Please, not on my bare bottom"  Bend over his knee with your panties on.   He pulls them down and gives you the paddling you deserve.
2 The other woman will demonstrate the sensual art of erotic lesbian flagellation.   You lie on the floor, and she kisses and caresses your bottom, alternating with swats.   Moan.   Beg for it.
3 Your partner chases you around the room, waving the paddle, and shouting "I'm going to get you, I'm going to tan your little bottom!"   He catches you, delivers one swat.   Spank his behind with your hand if you can, as often and as hard as you can.   He should let you escape once, then catch you again.   You wrestle until he gets your legs between his; you squirm and he swats, swats, swats.
4 The other woman is the commandant of cadets at your strict military academy.  Salute.   Say "Sir. Here to request a whipping on my ass, sir.   Sir, I got a C in algebra, sir.   Sir, I know I can do better, sir.   Sir, please strike hard, sir."  She orders "On your hand and knees, cadet."   You answer "Sir, yes sir."
 Say "Sir, thank you, sir." after each stroke.   Say "Sir, request another stroke, sir." for as many strokes as you have tokens.
5  (Ask your partner to use a condom if you wish)
Your partner commands you to suck his cock.   Calling him "master," you beg for forgiveness, kissing his feet.   That's one! he swats your bare bottom.    "No, please no"  "That's two!" he swats again.   "OK, I'll do it."  "Three!" he swats again, "what do you say?"    You say, "Please let me suck your cock!"   "Four!" he swats again, "let me suck your cock, WHO?"  You say, "Master, please let me suck your cock, SIR!"   Take his cock in your mouth, at least.   Afterwards, your partner delivers any remaining swats, with a lecture on the finer points of cock-sucking.
6 Your partner lays on the ground, and you put your crotch over his face in such a way that he can lick your cunt, but your bottom is reachable by the paddle.   Rolled towels and cushions are placed if needed to protect your partner's head.   When ready, shout "Lick!".   After four licks with your partner's tongue, shout "Spank!"    The other man spanks.   He should deliver one swat every fifteen seconds.   The licking should be continuous. 

 Vixen  The Rules  Card Look-up  Bad Girl  Bad Boy  Links  Game Board Page
You have been a bad boy today.
Die Shows
Bad Boy's punishment
1  Put your underpants on.  The other woman will apply the paddle.   She should sit on a chair.   Say "Please, not a spanking.   Anything but that."  She says: "Fox (or Buck), pull your underpants down.   Say "Oh please, not on my bare bottom."  Stand there whimpering, petrified with fear.    She has to  tug your arm to get you to bend over her knee, then she has to pull your underpants down.   You get the paddling you deserve.
2 The other man will demonstrate the sensual art of gay erotic flagellation.   You lie on the floor, and he kisses and caresses your bottom, alternating with spanks.   Moan.   Beg for it.
3 The bad boy, stripped, is tied to furniture as convenient.  His partner will spank.   The spanker takes a cane, belt, or other fearsome implement and says "Now you are tied up, Fox (or Buck), we have a surprise.   This game was just a trap. You will not be beaten with a paddle, but with this."    The spanker strikes a cushion with the implement, in front of bad boy's eyes, with maximum violence.  "Your butt will be so sore after three strokes, that the slightest touch will be agony, but your pain will have just started.  No one has survived ten strokes without screaming.   You will get thirty.   And we have installed an electric shock device on the whip.  Also special 'blood points.'   Your bottom will be red with blood."  Make sure the bad boy can't see what his is about to be hit with.    Naturally, the strokes are administered with the normal paddle.
4 The other man is the headmaster at your strict boys' school.  Knock.   Say "Sir, I want to ask for punishment.   I got a C in algebra.  I know I can do better, sir."
He says, "I'm disappointed in you, Cadet, two strokes with the cane."   You answer "Please sir, five strokes." (or however many tokens you have).
 Say "Thank you, sir, thank you very much." after each stroke.  The strokes are given with the normal paddle - not a cane.
5  Your partner commands you to lick her cunt.   Calling her "mistress," you beg for forgiveness, kissing her feet.   "That's one!" she swats your bare bottom.   "Please, NO" you cry.  "That's two!" she gives you another swat.  "OK, I'll do it"   "Three!" she swats again, saying, "what did you just say?"    You say, "Please let me lick your cunt!"   "Four!" she swats again, "let me suck your cock, WHO?"  You say, "Mistress, please let me lick your cunt, Mistress!"   Touch her cunt with your tongue.   Afterwards, she delivers any remaining swats, with a lecture on the finer points of cunt-licking. 
6 Place two cushions on the floor and lay face down across them, with one under your knees and one under your belly.   Your partner reaches in and holds your penis, while holding one of your hands in her other hand.    The other woman spanks.    Each time you want a fondle on your penis, squeeze your partner's hand.   Each time you want a spank, slap the ground with your other hand.   Two extra swats if you come.


 Vixen  The Rules  Card Look-up  Bad Girl  Bad Boy  Links  Game Board Page

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