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 15 ideas for starting spanking or stripping games

Not 18?   You think I'm talking to you?   You think I'm talking to you?  In your dreams, kid.    

1.  It is easier to join an existing name:
So if only some of your friends want to play strip poker, start with them.   Once you've played once or twice, you may get the others to join.

2.  Pain is easier than nudity as a first step: It's surprising, but I've found this to be the case.    Groups that would never play strip poker, will agree to play a game with a forfeit that hurts.   For example, a card club may be willing to make things interesting by a pain forfeit such as a length of duct tape pulled off your leg.    And once you've played for a while with forfeits that hurt, or which are embarrassing such as singing a silly song, then you could suggest, for example, stripping to your underwear as a forfeit.

3.  Make a bet: "I bet you five spanks, that Bob breaks up with Caroline within a month."     People will take bets like that, who would never be interested in the proposal "Let's give each other five spanks for fun."    ( betting spanks )       If you play poker with a bunch of guys, they might not agree to strip poker if you proposed it, and you might be shy about proposing it - they might call you a fag.   But suppose you say: "Instead of playing for money, let's say whoever ends up with the fewest chips tonight, gets five swats with this frat paddle."    That is less embarrassing for some guys to agree to.   ( Spanking poker )

4.  Gentlemen first: Women are almost always less willing to be naked - no surprise.    So start with a game that doesn't treat men and women the same.   Play a game where the guys get spanked and the gals get kissed.

5.  Liquor is quicker: Please do be careful operating heavy equipment, but drinking games do break the ice.   People are shy, not so much about being naked, as about admitting to their friends that they want to be.   If you are not only drinking but playing a drinking game ( Asshole drinking game ), then it is quite easy to propose a forfeit such as stripping to your skivvies.

6.  Dares: Get a dare game started, and however tame the dares start, they'll get better.    ( Truth or Dare ;  Spin the Bottle dare version )

7.  Casual first:The point is that going bare shouldn't be a big deal.  Swim naked, hike naked, get up in the night to go to the bathroom naked.    Go naked in all-male groups; go naked with your girlfriend; go naked with your family.    Go naked when you are alone. The more, the better.

8.  On beyond spankos: A bottom gets pleasure from being spanked.   A top really likes to give spankings.    But someone who is neither of these, may enjoy the excitement of a turned card, which determines whether he gets, or gives, the paddle.    So propose games on the basis that it will be exciting, rather than that spanking is sexy or pleasurable.

9.  Skinny-dipping: It may not be easy to get your friends to skinny-dip, but it is certainly easier than getting them naked on dry land.     If you yourself, without asking, strip naked and jump into a creek, while out on a hike, no one is likely to fuss much - but they will if you strip naked in the living room.   Strangely, I don't think skimpy thong bath suits are a good first step to nudity.  Those huge baggy swimming trunks that are popular now are better; you can always claim they slipped off.

10.  Hot tubs and saunas: More good excuses to get naked.    The Finns whip each other with branches, and so do a lot of other cultures that do hot steam baths (all cultures do, as far as I know).    There are also hot sauna endurance competitions in Finland.   (in Germany).    An account of the historical Finnish practice which was for men to be seen naked by woman and children, but not (except in the dim light of the sauna) the other way around.

11.  Ye old endorphin dodge: The relaxation and pleasure of a hot soak, or a hot sauna, is pretty well accepted; people don't think of the heat as painful.    But in fact it produces endorphins, the brain's natural pain-killers, and this is the source of the relaxation.      A spanking should be at the same level - it should be just hard enough to make you go "Ooo!"--the same as you do from a hot-tub, a massage, or a sauna.    As to whether a spanking, or a sauna, or a massage, has the greater potential to produce pleasure and relaxation - well, only the spanking is strong stimulus to an erogenous zone - so which do you think can produce the most pleasure?    ( endorphins )

12.  History: Games of pain endurance were very common, all over the world, until recently.   Folklore collections of games often have about half in this category.   Before TV, this was what people did for fun. 

13.  Massage: A good way to get naked, and another good way to relax based on endorphins.   Just massage hard enough, long enough, and low enough.   Professional massageis one way to get your party guests naked, but you did want to get your hands on them yourself, didn't you?    So buy a book, practice on your friends, and hold a massage party. A hen-party event such as a baby shower, could be turned into a massage spa party.   Do slapping as part of massage, especially hard slaps to the inside thighs.

14.  Tickling: another endorphin-based technique.   Don't forget ears; they are one of the strongest erogenous zones, but people don't think of ear-stimulus as pornographic, which makes it easier to get away with.   Ears are more erogenous than their nipples for many people.   You can rub someone's ear in public (try doing that with their nipples!)   Feet are erogenous too, and any sort of tickling is good.

15. Kissing: You wouldn't forget the mistletoe at a Christmas party, would you?

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