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Request for Images
TEENAGERS: sorry, this grown up stuff.   Go away.    Have a nice day.

I'd a good spankinglike some pictures for the games, if anyone cares to donate: I can use them only if I have clear permission from the owner, so there is no point in sending me something you found on the web.    The pictures will be used as little icons to show game outcomes, about 100 pixels square; for example if someone wins the jackpot and gets 20 spanks, this graphic could be used to convey that bad news with more impact. I will not show any faces or anything that might be identifying.

What I'm hoping for:
If an image you own is posted somewhere, you could send me the URL using the form below.   If you would like to send me an image as an attachment instead, mail it to:
  image - must be typed

Or get in touch with me by either method, and we can work out whatever is most convenient for you.

thanks for any donations - Davo da Silva
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- February 2006 -

David Nunes da Silva 

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To: David Nunes da Silva  -  image - must be typed
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  18 or older
Thanks for the help.

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