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- with spanking forfeits

TEENAGERS: These rules are not intended for you.  What you do is out of my control, but if the dares get dangerous, please speak up and stop it.   I know that will take real courage, but please try. And kiddos, don't play with grown-ups: it's illegal.
TRUTH or DARE ?  - In Truth or Dare, when you get dared to do something, you are supposed to do it, no matter what.   But what if you don't?  In this version, you get a forfeit - or you can dare-back the person who dared you.  If she can't do it either, she gets a double forfeit - six spanks instead of three. If she can do it, you get the double forfeit. non-JavaScript version

Type names into these boxes:
1.     M F    2.     M F   
3.     M F    4.     M F   
5.     M F    6.     M F   
7.     M F    8.     M F   
9.     M F    10.   M F   
11.     M F    12.   M F   
13.     M F    14.     M F   

1. Click to pick at random the first asker for the round: <not yet chosen>. Now do steps 2 through 7 for each dare or question, until each player has been asked.
2. <asker> chooses a person to ask, from those who have not yet asked in this round. Pick one of these:
<Player Name>   <Player Name>    

3. <asker>  asks <asked>  : "Do you choose TRUTH or DARE?"   <asked> picks either :
4. <asker>  chooses a question or dare for <asked> , or types one in the yellow box :
  • Take off one piece of clothing.
  • Let the person on your right bite your nipples. ( safe sex biting ! )
  • Strip to your underwear.
  • Pick up your cell phone with your ass.
5. <asked>  may either:
The forfeit is three paddle spanks on your bware bwottom from <asker>.
6. If <asked> dares or asks <asker> back again, :  
<asker> will do his own dare or answer his own question, OR <asker> will take the double forfeit.
7. If <asked> does the dare or answers the question, or accepts the forfeit, this challenge is done.
<asked> did the dare or answered the question, OR <asked> did not do the dare or did not answer the question.
8. When the dare is done or the question asked, or the forfeit spankin is done, press this button: , and return to step 2. <asked> will be the next asker.

Log of the game:      
don’t answer too quickly, don’t forget who you are,
      don’t pander, don’t lie, don’t pretend. Don’t play a part
- from le cadeau X

The game consists of rounds; each player asks once and is challenged once, in each round. The first asker for a round is chosen at random and can ask anyone; then after that, each asked person becomes the next asker, and must ask someone who has not already played in that round. The last person to ask, asks the first asker - that completes the round, bringing it full circle.

For each challenge:
The asker asks, Truth or Dare,
and the asked chooses one or the other;
then the asker asks a question or gives a dare.
Then the asked has three choices:
    accept the challenge,
    pass it back as a dare-back or ask-back, or
    take a forfeit;     - three spanks on the bare bottom with a paddle.

If a dare is accepted, but not done,
    - there is a forfeit of six spanks;
If a question is accepted, but not answered truthfully and fully
    - that is also 6 spanks.
But there must be very strong proof, or a confession, before you say someone is lying.
More common is that the answer is not accepted as full;
    - then if a full answer is refused it is 6 spanks.

If someone dared says "I dare you back" to the asker,
    - then the proposer of the dare must do his own dare.
If he does, then the one who said "dare-back" gets a double forfeit
    - six spanks.
If the asker can't do his own dare,
    - then he is the one to get the six spanks.
There can also be "ask-backs" with the same rules.

Third person dares: Suppose Toshi gives Kevin this dare: "Get a bite on the bare ass from Betty."
Kevin may ask Betty whether she agrees, before saying himself what he will do;
    - Betty may choose either to answer or not.
If Betty says yes, then it's a normal dare; Kevin can choose to do it, to dare-back, or to forfeit, and Betty doesn't get spanked, provided she does what she sats.
If Betty says no, she gets 3 spanks and Kevin gets none.
If Betty refuses to answer until Kevin has made his choice, then

As always, if a person says yes and then doesn't go through with it, that is 6 spanks.
If Toshi gives Kevin this dare: "bite Betty's bare bottom," the same rules apply; this is a legal dare, although certainly not nice.

Impossible dares: There is nothing in the rules against impossible dares. If Toshi is daring Randall, he can type "fly" or "piss wine" or any impossible thing into the yellow box; that is legal. Naturally Randall is likely to say "I dare you back; let's see you piss wine." So Toshi might instead look for a dare which is easier for himself than for Randall; for example, if he has a hard-on and Randall doesn't, he might type "cum in 60 seconds," into the yellow box. If Randall gets spanked because of such a dare, he can't complain the dare is against the rules, but he may seek revenge with a dare to Toshi when his turn comes.

Fault: If a dare is not done, or a question not answered, the forfeit must be taken; it is not a question of fault. If Randall gets the dare "cum in 60 seconds" and accepts but doesn't make it, he gets spanked. If Johnny is dared to kiss Katherine, then unless the kiss happens, someone gets spanked. This is not a judgment that either Randall or Johnny (or Katherine) has done anything wrong.

Dangerous dares: Impossible dares are legal, dangerous dares are not - and you should not be spanked for not doing one. If the majority agrees a dare is dangerous, the asker must choose a different dare. Please stop other players from doing dangerous dares, as well as not doing any yourself; take away car keys, if you have to.   If a dare seems dangerous or wrong, then even if you can't convince the majority that it shouldn't be allowed, please don't do it, but take the spanks.  (If it is dangerous or wrong, you should not dare-back the asker to do it.) A question like "what is the combination of your safe?" is not allowed.

Truth or Dare is sometimes played for oral or other sex, and sometimes for dares involving drugs or alcohol.  If you do either, remember that playing a game of dares is no reason to be stupid.  Use a condom (should the occasion arise).    No drinking dares, none at all, of any person who will be driving.    No one may propose a dare which, if they are dared back, would be dangerous for the darer to do; in particular, if the darer will be driving, he may not dare another person who won't be driving, to drink.

Modified dare-backs and ask-backs: A question or dare may need to be modified when it is bounced back: for example a man might dare a woman: "stick something in your cunt," and she might want to do a dare-back. The dared person proposes a "turn-around is fair play" dare, and if the others think it's basically the same dare, go with that. Turn-around being the operative word in this case.

But don't change a dare that doesn't need to be changed, just to make it fair. Unfair questions and dares are part of the game. An asker may propose a dare which is hard for the asked to do, but easy for himself to do if he gets a dare-back - this is legal. For example, "hang your hat on your erect penis in 60 seconds," might be dared by a man who already has an erection, to a man who doesn't have one.

"I don't know," provided it is true, is a good answer. If someone asks, "What is the capital of Moldova?" just say you don't know. No spanking.

Adults and minors in the same game: I'm no lawyer, but I don't think it is illegal in and of itself for an adult to play Truth or Dare with a minor. But sexual dares are illegal of course, and playing at all is definitely not a good idea. Spanking might or might not be illegal; you could argue that spanking as a penalty in a game wasn't "for sexual gratification." But I wouldn't think much of your chances with the jury if they see this page.

Breaking the law in a dare, even a law you think is stupid, may carry the risk of getting caught; this risk counts the same as any other risk.

Double dare, kiss, command, promise to repeat, fire in the barn.
        Sometimes the game is played with these extra choices, or some of them.   The above rules for the choices "True" and "Dare" apply. I have not included these extra choices in the JavaScript.
  1. Double dare- some say if you agree to "double dare" then you absolutely have to do it.   This is a choice for the brave - there is no advantage to choosing "double dare".
  2. Command -  This is like Dare, but is confined to things that are some sort of action.
  3. Kiss - choose Kiss, and the asker tells you who to kiss.
  4. Promise to repeat -  if you choose this, the asker says something, and you have to repeat it, in the way specified - for example, call John and say "I hunger for your body."  
  5. Promise - sometimes people play "promise or repeat" instead of "promise to repeat."    If you choose promise, you are asked to make a promise to do something later.    If you play with this option, a person who choses "promise" can do a "promise-back" with the same rules as a dare-back.
  6. Fire in the barn - a form of "Truth,"  if you make this choice, you can be asked any question that requires you to name a favorite person of the ones playing the game.   "Who are you in love with?"   "Who is your best friend?"  "Who would you save first from a burning barn." - or even "Who you would save last from a burning barn?" It is sometimes a rule, especially in the UK, that unless someone chooses "Fire in the barn" (which never really happens) they may not be asked a "fire in the barn" question.
If you liked the game - or even if you played it and didn't like it, I'd love feedback.   This site has other games : Spin the bottle, Spanking Poker, Spanking Strip poker, and others.

Truth or Dare - LINKS to other rules and stuff.

dare and question lists

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