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Spanking Strip Poker

- a spanking game

TEENAGERS: What you do with each other is really none of my business, but these rules are not intended for you.  Certainly you shouldn't play such a game with anyone much older than yourself.   Strip poker between a minor and an adult is not a good idea. Spanking, even if the age difference is slight, may be illegal.
Spanking Strip Poker  answers the question, "what happens in strip poker when the person who loses a hand, is already naked?"   For 2 to 10 players.   Sent to me by "Karen."
A.  You need a light paddle or other implement. Loser will get about fifty spanks.
B.  Jackets or any clothing that isn't normal indoor wear must be removed before play.    But it is not a requirement that everyone have the same number of pieces of clothing.   If a player didn't dress knowing she would play strip poker, but just happened to wear a lot of layers, she's in luck; if she's in a swimsuit, the guys are.
C.  Set the number of players, from 2 to 10:     Assign each player a number.   Press when ready to start, and go to step 1.

For each round.
1.  Press     Result - round : The winning hand of was dealt to .
2.  Player  got the low hand, and so must either take off a piece of clothing, or get five paddle spanks on the bare bottom from player  - if naked, the low hand player must take the spanks.
3.   Press  or .
4.  Play continues until each player has gotten at least 10 spanks.    
5.  Watches and jewelry are not clothing.  Shoelaces are not clothing.  A belt is not clothing.  Shoes are clothing, as are socks; each shoe and each sock counts.   Other than shoes, clothing must be made of cloth, and must cover something.  Scarves are, headbands are.

Losses so far.
   Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The big spanking.
6.  When every player has gotten at least ten spanks, one player gets a big spanking. Press . Low hand will get the big spanking.
7.  The player who got the low hand, who is  , gets spanks from each other player, that is  , spanks in total, and must strip for it if not already naked.   Press   when it is done.  

Log of the game:      

If you liked the game - or even if you played it and didn't like it, I'd love feedback.   This site has other games : Spin the bottle, Truth or Dare, Spanking poker, and others. Also links to party games and game directories. No graphics in my games, but if you want some red bottoms on the screen while you play, try my random porn button.

Strip Poker - LINKS to other rules and stuff 

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  1. Pure Strip Poker    by MikeCA The problem with strip poker is what happens after someone gets naked. The guys get sexually turned on, and things get out of control. I would have played strip poker with boys in high school, if I thought that after some people were naked, we would all put our clothes back on and go home.
  2. My Mom's Plaything    by Solomon on Lucky Seven Entertainment    "Naturally, after we had all lost our clothes, we started betting on dares. The loser, for instance, might have to kiss someone, or lick a part of the others’ body. I wasn’t satisfied until it was suggested that the loser of a particular game would have to go through what I had that memorable day and get tied, and blindfolded, to the wall for the others to play with as they pleased. Can you guess who had the worst hand all day?"
  3. A Night on the Town - (Strip Poker twist)"You won it, you take it off," she said defiantly.
  4. Strip Poker First Time    by John (  "OK, you first Johnny," said Sue as she put my hands above my head and dug a fingernail under the elastic waistband of my briefs,
  5. Strip Poker Party    by Dive Master  "What happens is that you draw another card, and count around the circle to your right, until you reach the number on the card. If it's your first naked penalty you spend exactly one minute kissing whoever sits at that spot. Just kissing, mind you, no necking and fondling.
  6. French Roulette   by Chronosfoe (  "Pure realism," I replied with a smirk. "In real life, without fail, four losing hands into the game, females declare the game over."
  7. Just a Little   by Feline  "Is it going to be pervy again?" I asked, suspiciously, remembering games of Sardines in our underwear,
  8. Not Just Strip Poker    by Pink Rabbit  "You mean, it is done to cause sexual arousal?" the former Borg cut right to the chase, sounding decidedly unimpressed by the idea.
  9. Strip Poker with Mom   by jimbo060  "I'll bet I didn't look like this in diapers?" I asked bringing her attention back to my fully erect cock. She looked at it again, a longer gaze this time, and then back up at me. "No, you didn't."
  10. Summer Camp   by Dan  "We could just get dressed again or…" she continued with a bit of hesitation, "or we could make this a little bit more exciting and once you've lost your clothes and you loose a hand, the loser has to do whatever the winner wants for a couple of minutes. There is to be no out in this, and anything goes."
  11. Dancing and Strip Poker with my Friends   by Emi Tsuruta  The boys were so excited they'd forgotten completely about the game.
  12. One on Three    Arizona State University  "She pulled them slowly down almost as if she was enjoying the moment more than the three of us salivating idiots."
  13. Strip Poker With A Girl    by Jeff Zephyr  We all could see his hard dick through his jockey underwear. It wasn't transparent, but there was no way to miss the erection. Eileen stared, then tried to look away. It was now Jimmy's deal. He picked up the cards and dealt them, trying to cover himself up with the cards.
  14. Tim and John, part 4:John comes over  by   Bill Johnson  "Strip poker?"
    "Yeah, and if you lose, then you will have to prove you are a man. If I lose, I'll take your word for it."           Rest of story
  15. High Card  by   Dr. Oliver Twist  She grabbed the elastic of my underwear and pulled them off, with some difficulty due to a certain impediment. We were now both fully exposed.
  16. Amanda's Game  by   Captain Allon  Amanda knew it was her turn to win at strip poker. Time to raise the stakes! "Jim?" She looked almost innocent as she asked her question. "How about we change the rules a bit?"
    Jim looked over at Amanda, seeing her innocent, yet mischievous look. "What kind of change?"
  17. Strip Poker  by   WolfBlossom  "How about we finish this?" Inuyasha asked.
    "Finishing this means one of us has to undress." Kagome reminded him.
    "Why not both of us?" Inuyasha asked huskily, his demon blood taking control

To download this game:
  1. From your browser's menu click on File->Save As.
  2. Set the "Save as type" to "Web Page, complete" ("HTML file with images" in Opera)
  3. Save it.
  4. Then just open the file you saved in your browser; it will work fine without an internet connection.


- June 2005 -

David Nunes da Silva 


These phrases are here so that, if you look at this page in a BabelFish translation, they will get translated, and then the JavaScript can read them in and use them in translated form. Please ignore them.

dummy|apple|Every player has had ten spanks - go to step 6|To reset for a new game, press reload on your browser.|The game is over.|You cannot change the number of players at this point in the game.|To play with a different number, press reload on your browser for a new game.|The game is under way.|To cancel and start over, please press reload on your browser|When you have entered the number of players and assigned each player a number, please click on "ready" in step C.|Spanking Strip Poker game started|The number of players is:|Please go to step 1 to deal the next round.|The most recent outcome has been logged|It is not the time yet to press this key|Player 17 took the big spanking of 24 spanks|17|19|24|TOTALS|player|pieces of clothing taken off|spankings|John|John took five spankings.|John took a piece of clothing off.|none|the first one|the second one|the third one|the fourth one|the fifth one|the sixth one|the seventh one|A hand has been dealt:|The next step is for player 17 to either take off an article of clothing, or take five spanks from player 19.|When one of these things has happened, please click on a button in step 3.|Everyone has had 10 or more spanks.|Please go to step 6 for the final round.|The final round has already been dealt.|Everyone has not yet had 10 spanks|Please go to step 1 to deal the next round.|Not the time yet to press that button.|ready|shuffle and deal the cards|deal final round|took a piece of clothing off|got five spanks|hasn't happened yet; return to step one|FINAL ROUND|send e-mail|reset form|the big spanking is done|dummy
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