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Spanking Strip Poker
- a spanking game

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TEENAGERS: What you do with each other is really none of my business, but these rules are not intended for you.  Certainly you shouldn't play such a game with anyone much older than yourself.   An adult and a minor being naked together is not automatically a crime, but it is not a good idea.
I'd rather not exchange e-mails about spanking with a minor - sorry.    You could try ScarletTeen.   

Spanking Strip Poker  answers the question, "what happens in strip poker when the person who loses a hand, is already naked?"   For 2 to 10 players.   Sent to me by "Karen."

You need a light paddle or other implement, and a deck of cards.

  1. Jackets or any clothing that isn't normal indoor wear must be removed before play.    But it is not a requirement that everyone have the same number of pieces of clothing.   If a player didn't dress knowing she would play strip poker, but just happened to wear a lot of layers, she's in luck; if she's in a swimsuit, everyone else is.
For each round.
  1. Shuffle and deal five cards to each player, face down.   Or use the online face-up poker dealer.
  2. Each player turns over his or her cards.   They are ranked by the normal rules for poker - determine who has the lowest hand.
  3. Lowest hand must either remove an article of clothing or get five spanks on the bare bottom - if naked he or she must take the spanks.
  4. The spanks are given by the person with the highest hand.
  5. Watches and jewelry are not clothing.  Shoelaces are not clothing.  A belt is not clothing.  Shoes are clothing, as are socks.   Other than shoes, clothing must be made of cloth.  Scarves are, headbands are, legwarmers are.   Clothing must cover something.  Handkerchiefs are not clothing.

The big spanking.
  1. Play continues until each player has gotten at least 10 spanks.
  2. Deal one more round.   Low hand gets 10 spanks from each other player, and must strip for it if not already naked.
Poker Ranks: - Ace is high, there is no rank of suits.  Within each rank, rank is by card value - two queens beat two jacks, two queens and a king beats two queens and a jack.
  1. No Pair
  2. Pair
  3. Two Pair
  4. Three of a kind
  5. Straight - five in a row, regardless of suit, for example 8,9,10,J,Q.   Ace is high or low for straights.
  6. Flush - five cards of the same suit
  7. Full house - a pair and three of a kind
  8. Four of a kind
  9. Straight Flush - a hand that is both a straight and a flush
Now everyone is naked --.

It's time for more spanking.  Everyone needs their birthday spankings.

Online poker hand dealer.

I prefer the ritual of shuffle, cut, and deal with real cards.    But I have written a poker-hand dealer in JavaScript which will work fine for strip poker, if there is a computer in the game room.

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- February 2005 -

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