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Bersaglio difficile (Hard Target)

If you can't talk to your parents, I don't have any really good advice; you might try a forum on  ScarletTeen.   
Hard Target :   is based on an Italian forfeit game.    

A. Set the number of players, from 3 to 14:
B. Assign each player a number, OR type names into these boxes (recommended):
1.     M F    2.     M F   
3.     M F    4.     M F   
5.     M F    6.     M F   
7.     M F    8.     M F   
9.     M F    10.   M F   
11.     M F    12.   M F   
13.     M F    14.     M F   

1. Click when ready to start.
You need to choose a spanker and a spankee - and you may as well spin the bottle since you need the bottle anyway.

Anyone spins the bottle and the person pointed to is spanker.

The spanker spins and the person pointed to is spankee.

The bottle is set upright on a table, and the cork (you need a cork) is balanced sideways across the top. 

The spankee - who should have his bottom bare already - must cover one eye.    

He walks up to the bottle with his arm stretched out in front of him; his hand should be palm down, with the fingers folded.

When his hand is near the cork, he stops moving forward, and extends his middle finger only, making the universal gesture for "fuck you."

The object is knock the cork off the bottle with the middle finger as it unbends.   It is hard to do this using only one eye.

If the spankee touches the cork before extending his finger, he gets a swat with the paddle.

If he touches the bottle at any time, he gets a swat.

If he fails to knock the cork off the bottle when he extends his finger, he gets a swat.

If he knocks over the bottle, he gets three swats.

After each failure, the spankee must move back several steps before trying again.    He keeps trying until he does it.

Italian-English dictionary  


- April 2006 -
David Nunes da Silva 

These phrases are here so that, if you look at this page in a BabelFish translation, they will get translated, and then the JavaScript can read them in and use them in translated form. Please ignore them.

apple|This round has not started yet. Press "shuffle and deal five cards" to start. Or press "play the spank-off" if you want to alternate spankings.||switch spankee and spanker|shuffle and deal five cards|deal next card|play the spank-off|wants to quit|wants to quit|dummy

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