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王様 : Oosama
- Japanese Dare game

NOTICE: this game is, duh, for grown-ups. 
If you are younger than 18, please go away.

 Oosama  is something like Truth or Dare.

I recommend hot sake or cheap champagne, in mugs - shared.  Select a paddle. 


  1. You need a chopstick for each player; copy this character, which is pronounced "ousama" and mean king, on one chopstick or just write "king" on one chopstick, and number the others; so for example if there are five players, you will have chopsticks numbers 1 through 4.  
  2. It helps if the chopsticks are new and uniform - if not, if it is possible recognize the king chopstick by looking at the other end, then players should select with their eyes closed, and must take the first one they touch. 

Basic play for all rounds:

  1. Someone holds the chopsticks so you can't see the numbers, and each player draws one chopstick.  
  2. Players can look at the numbers on their chopsticks, but should not show them to anyone else; however the player who drew the king should announce it.  That player is the Oosama - the king.
  3. The king gives any command, referring to players only by number; for example, "Player 3 kiss player 2."
  4. The king must not know who which players have which numbers at the time of giving the command.
  5. Then the players with those numbers should do the command.


  1. It's not traditional to play for forfeits in Japan, as fas as I know.    I don't know what they do if someone won't obey the Oosama.    But I think forfeits are a good idea; sometimes someone just can't carry out a command, and it is an awkward situation if there is no agreed thing that should happen in that case. 
  2. To play for forfeits, each player writes one on a slip of paper.
  3. If someone won't do a command, he can draw a forfeit paper and do what it says.    And if they won't do that either, spank 'em.

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