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Daihimin, or Asshole 
- spanking version

NOTICE: this game is, duh, for grown-ups. 
If you are younger than 18, please go away.

 Asshole  is usually played as a drinking game, and this version, for spanking parties, also involves drinking.    But this,  or any drinking game, should not be played by anyone who will be driving.  People may choose to drink a small amount, and still drive, but not in a game: no one who will be driving should be be made to drink even a sip by the rules of a game, or be dared to drink, or have to drink to avoid a spanking.


I recommend hot sake or cheap champagne, in mugs - shared.  Select a paddle. 

Selection of ranks for the first round:

  1. In normal play, the loser of each round is Asshole for the next round, and the winner is the dictator, called Paddle, for the next round.  But for the first round, you don't have a winner and loser of a prior round, so draw cards to pick Paddle and Asshole.   Since the player who is Paddle for the first round did not actually win a round, there are no priviliges of rank in the first round.

Basic play for all rounds:

  1. Asshole collects the cards, shuffles, cuts, and deals all the cards, face down, starting where Paddle tells him to start.    Since all cards are dealt, it is not usually the same number of cards to each player.  Only Asshole may ever touch cards other than his own.  
  2. The object of each round is to get rid of all your cards.
  3. The players look at their cards.   Asshole must give his two highest-ranking cards to Paddle, and Paddle gives back any two cards he wants. 
  4. Whoever has the three of clubs, plays it, along with any other 3s he has if he wants to play them.   This starts a pile.  If a pile is started with a single card, all plays on it will be single cards, if with a pair, all will be pairs, and the same for three or four of a kind. 
  5. The next player around the table may top the pile, by adding cards of higher or equal rank.  2 ranks highest, otherwise the rank is the normal one, 3 low to A high.    There is no rank of suits.  So if the last play was a jack, then another jack may be played, or a queen, king, ace, or two. A pair of fours can be topped by the other two fours, or by any pair of higher rank.
  6. If a pile is topped by a card or pair of the same rank, rather than a higher one, for example if a five is topped by a five, or a pair of jacks by a pair of jacks, then the player who would otherwise play next does not play - he is skipped.    A player who is skipped takes a drink - a gulp of beer, a swallow of wine, or a good sip of hard liquor.
  7. If three single cards of the same suit are played on a pile, then all later cards on that pile must be of that suit.
  8. If the player whose turn it is, cannot top the pile, or chooses not to, he may pass.    If everyone passes on a play until the turn comes around to the player who made that play, then that pile is closed and should be cleared away by Asshole.     Then that player must start a new pile, and may start it with any card, any pair, or any three or four of a kind.
  9. If at any time, four cards of the same rank are showing, that is called a social, and any player may shout "social." When "social" is shouted, each player must take a drink. Four cards of the same rank will show if a pair is played on a pair of the same rank, or if all four cards of the same rank are played in a row, or if someone plays four of a kind.    But four of a kind may also show because a new pile is started before the Asshole clears the old pile, and when a social happens for that reason, Asshole gets four spanks from Paddle.
  10. The first player to get rid of all his cards wins that round, and wins two points, and will be Paddle for the next round. The next to get rid of all cards will be Vice-Paddle and wins one point. No one else wins any points, and the last player left with cards will be Asshole for the next round.

Spanking at the end of a round, including the first round:

  1. The new Asshole, as soon as it is determined who it is, strips as Paddle orders.     Paddle may order Asshole to be bare below the waist, or be stark naked, or to strip to underwear, or whatever he likes. 
  2. The new Paddle spanks the Asshole with at least one spank, then any other player or players he wants, and then Asshole again.    The Paddle can spank anyone he wants, as much as he wants - but he won't be Paddle for ever, and may get those spanks back.   He must give at least one spank to at least one player besides Asshole.   Other than Asshole, players are spanked on underwear.
  3. The new Paddle must spank anyone who spanked him in the past, with the same number of spanks, as well as anyone can remember.   Once spanks are paid back they don't get paid back again.
  4. Pay-back spanks are themselves paid back.  All spanks are paid back, including ones required by the rules.

Spanking and social rank in all rounds but the first:

  1. Paddle sits in the best chair (any chair he wants) then Vice-Paddle, then all the other players.     Asshole does what he is told - usually bend over.
  2. Paddle gives orders for fetching drinks, etc.. to anyone.   Vice-Paddle gives orders to anyone except Paddle.  Anyone gives orders to Asshole.  
  3. At the start of a round Paddle may say a rule - don't play a diamond on a black card - don't say the word spelled "D-R-I-N-K",  - whatever he wants, and may spank anyone who breaks it.    He also spanks as he likes for being slow in getting drinks or carrying out an order - even if the player was not in fact slow.
  4. Anyone who touches cards, or does something for another player, such as pouring a drink, which Asshole could have been ordered to do, is said to have "asshole tendencies," and may be spanked or be made Asshole (replacing the other one), as Paddle determines.   Paddle himself can become Asshole for showing asshole tendencies, by majority vote (impeachment)
  5. Vice-Paddle may spank anyone, and anyone may spank Asshole, but only by asking Paddle for the paddle - and Paddle may spank anyone who asks for the paddle, instead of giving it.

Ending the game.

  1. The winner of a round gets 2 points, second place, one point.   The game ends when some player gets seven points.
  2. The player who becomes Paddle at the end of the last round of the game, gives only payback spankings.


also I believe it just goes by "daihimin."

Anyone Japanese, of Japanese heritage, or just in the know, know of this?

All I know is that it's a card game, but even a few of my Nihonjin friends are a bit hazy on this.



In America, we call it asshole.

Anyway basically it goes like this..

2 is the highest card in the game, 3 is the lowest.

player with the 3 of clubs goes first.

The object of the game is to get rid of your cards first.

You have to put down a higher card than the one that was played before your turn, or pass.

If everyone else passes on your card, then you clear the play pile and you can open the next play pile.

You can play pairs, triples, or quads, but only if you open with them, or if someone before you opened with them.

Single cards cannot be played on pairs triples and quads, and vice versa.

If three single cards with the same suit have been played consecutively, then all other cards in that hand must be of that same suit.

Jacks make 3 highest and 2 lowest

First person to lose all their cards is president, 2nd is vice president, etc etc, last is asshole.


DaiFuGou/DaiHiMin   大富豪     ir.


DaiHiMin DaiFuGou
Daifugou/daihimin大富豪/大悲民       泥美寿 慈海 Thurs. October 23, 2003 at 09:26:24 Hi there, My name is Jymmi. I am the Shougun of the ETSU Japanese club. I was wondering how many of you play the game Daifugo? Me and Lyle-san learned to play at Tennessee Meiji Gakuin over the summer. We have found that the game is very addicting. Every Wednesday we get a huge group up and go play after club.大富豪はとても楽しと思います。     Re:Daifugou/daihimin大富豪/大悲民    Aaron King Fri.

October 24, 2003 at 16:16:13 Daifugo is fun. Does anyone in Japan play with punishments? That is when the first person who lost 3 times has to do something embarassing or painful. The chance of you getting a punishment makes the game more interesting. Im lucky though that I havent gotten any punishments yet. Have a nice day!! -Aaron      

  Re:Re:Daifugou/daihimin大富豪/大悲民     Kazuya Mio Mon. October 27, 2003 at 16:18:57 I play Daifugo when I go to travelling with my friends. While we go to our destination, we are free and tired. In the case like that, we play the game. But rule of Daifugo differ with a region. For example, someone set out 8 card, the field flows. Does anyone know rule which is particular?        

   Daifugou/daihimin大富豪/大悲民  Hiromichi Sasaki Mon. October 27, 2003 at 18:43:53 I like Daifugo, too. But I was very unfortunate in my choice of the cards. So, I often became "DAIHINMIN" which is the most poor person. that reminds me, when I went to a swchool trip, most friend of mine played cards for money. However, be careful in gambling at cards!!          

    Re:Daifugou/daihimin大富豪/大悲民   泥美寿 慈海 Mon. October 27, 2003 at 14:59:54 I would never play for money. I don't like gambling with money. I like the embarrasment and pain punishments. At TMG, Makoto-san lost and had to put duct tape on his legs and pull it off fast. Baghetti-san, here had to sing a silly childs song from Hamtaro etc.

President / Asshole

If keeping score, the players get points depending on their position - for example 2 for the President, 1 for the Vice President and nothing for the others. More importantly, the players of higher status are entitled to enjoy and generally abuse their power over the lower ranking players.

Sunshine Nudist club 

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