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Birthday Spankings
 - for grown-up boys

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NOT ADULT?: if someone more than a bit older than you says "here's something that sounds fun" - just tell them to play with someone their own age.    
Birthday Boy  is not quite a game, but an activity for spanking parties.    A light paddle is a good instrument.   If it is the real birthday of someone who is playing, go here.

And after the birthday spankings --.

It's time to get serious.    Play Russian Woodshed Roulette

Birthday Presents
Birthday Presents If it's someone's real birthday, don't give anyone else a birthday spanking; you can spank a birthday girl if it's her real birthday.   But in any case if someone has a birthday at a spanking party, he or she should get presents as well as a birthday spanking.    Some good presents:
If you offer "spank me" as a present, a good number of swats is seven.  (You can do what you like, of course.)   Kisses should last about a minute.  Licking, massaging, etc. should be about 3 minutes.

A present to someone of the same sex, should ordinarily be at least a kiss (It's not your fault if they say no).     Neck rubs and foot massages, and stuff like that, are fine as gifts to the opposite sex, but it's kind of boring to watch a guy give a neck rub to another guy, for 3 minutes, just to get out of offering to kiss him.

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- July 2005 -

David Nunes da Silva 

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