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Spank the
- spanking dice

TEENAGERS: This game is not intended for you.  What you do with each other is none of my business, but if someone tells you it is an ordinary thing for a minor to play such a game with an adult, don't believe them. It isn't.

A. Set the number of players, from 3 to 18:
B. Type player names into the numbered boxes :
1.     m f    empty space      
2.     m f    empty space      
3.     m f    empty space      
  Roll number 0  
C. Press this to roll :           The game is three times as many rolls as there are players.
D. The outcome of roll number 0 :
E. Spanks given on the bare so far:      

F. Spanks gotten on the bare so far:      

G. When all the rolls of the game have been given: (three times as many as there are players), who ever has given the most bare spanks will be the "winner". Each other player will give this lucky winner, on the bare ass, the number of bare spanks that player has gotten.

Log of the game:      
  1. The number of rounds that make up one game, is three times the number of players - 12 rounds for four players.
For each round.
  1. Each player rolls three dice.
  2. High roll gets spanked by low roll.
  3. Of the three dice that the high roll rolled, he or she gets spanked on clothing for the highest, on underwear for the middle, and on the bare for the lowest.
  4. Each person keeps track of the total number of bare bottom spanks he or she gives, and also the number he or she gets.
  5. If there is a tie for high roll, both get spanked (or however many are tied for high roll.)
  6. If there is a tie for low roll, the high roller is spanked by both of of them (getting twice as many spanks - or more if more than two are tied.)

The big spanking.
  1. Play continues for the set number of rounds - three times as many as there are players..
  2. The player who has given the most bare bottom spanks is the "winner" - the winner wins a big spanking.  
  3. For each other player, the number of bare-bottom spanks he or she has gotten so far , is the number he or she gives to the winner for the big spanking.


British Discipline - random spanker
Spanking Games by Reb's Paddles.    These games all use dice.

To download this game:
  1. From your browser's menu click on File->Save As.
  2. Set the "Save as type" to "Web Page, complete" ("Web Page with Images" in Opera)
  3. Save it.
  4. Then just open the file you saved in your browser; it will work fine without an internet connection.

These phrases are here so the game will work when the page is translated by BabelFish. Please ignore them.

dummy|apple|John|John's|Nancy|Nancy's|Susan|Susan's|Peter|Peter's|17|18|19|The spanking of John:|He is spanked 17 times on his pants by Nancy.|She is spanked 17 times on her dress by Nancy.|Then 17 more times in the same place by Nancy.|Then he gets 17 good swats on his boxer shorts from Nancy.|Then she gets 17 good swats to her panties from Nancy.|And then 17 more spanks, to the same place, from Nancy.|Now it is time to pull down those boxer shorts:|Now it is time to pull down those panties:|Nancy then gives him 17 smacks to his bare ass.|Nancy then gives her 17 smacks to her bare ass.|And he gets 17 more, also on his bare ass, from Nancy.|And she gets 17 more, also on her bare ass, from Nancy.|John spanked 17 spanks on clothes, 18 spanks on underwear, and 19 on the bare ass, by Nancy.|Roll 17:|Roll number 17|The outcome of roll number 17 :|A game of Spank the Bones with 17 players, started :|John also spanked the same three counts on the same places by Nancy.|send e-mail|reset form|fill in with test data|roll the dice|random|


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David Nunes da Silva 


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