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TEENAGERS: These rules are not intended for you.  What you do is not my business, but if the dares get dangerous, please speak up; protest.   Show real courage.  I dare you.    I'd rather you didn't e-mail me if you are not 18 - you could try ScarletTeen.   

TRUTH or DARE ?  - In Truth or Dare, when you get dared to do something, you are supposed to do it, no matter what.   But what if you don't?  In this version, you can dare-back the person who dared you.  If she does the dare, you get five spanks - but if she can't do it either, she gets them. JavaScript Version

If you are dared to do something, and you don't want to, then of course you can't be forced to.    But even if it is reasonable to refuse a dare, in this game you still get spanked for refusing.    If you play this game, you may get spanked - only play if that is what you want.

Please stop other players from doing dangerous dares, as well as not doing any yourself.    If you don't, you may be legally liable, if they get hurt.   This game is not about risking anything more serious than a good hard spanking.

  1. Pick a person as the first asker at random, rolling dice or deal cards for high hand, or any random method.
For each question.
  1. The asker asks any person, who has not already been the asker in this round, "Truth or Dare."
  2. The asked person chooses either "Truth" or "Dare." 
  3. If the asked chooses "Dare" the asker can give any dare, and the asked must do it.   A dare can be to do something, or it can be to let someone do something to you.
  4. If the dared person refuses to do it, by saying "I dare you back", the asker has to do it.  If the asker does it, then he or she gives the dared person five spanks on the bare bottom.  The dared person does not get another chance to try after the asker does the dare.  If the asker can't do it either, the asker gets five spanks.
  5. Darebacks should be fair.    For example if Josh dares Maria to kiss Heather, where Heather is the person Maria least wants to kiss, then Maria can say, I dare you back to kiss ____, naming whoever Josh would least like to kiss.
  6. If the majority of other players agree that a dare is dangerous, it is a failed dare.   The darer gets to name another dare, up to three tries.
  7. Any dare that involves a third person, must have the consent of that person.   For example "I dare you to kiss Carol."   If Carol is not in the game, she can of course do what she likes.  But if Carol is in the game, she must allow herself to be kissed, or get five spanks.     In either case, if Carol does not consent, it is a failed dare.
  8. Dares should be fair.   A dare is unfair if it is very hard for the dared person to do, but the dare-back would be easy for the darer to do.   If a dare is ruled unfair by the majority, it is a failed dare.
  9. If the asked chooses "Truth", the asker asks a question, and the asked must answer truthfully. 
  10. If the asked refuses to answer, he or she can ask the same question back again, or a fair turn-around of the question.   This is called an ask-back.  If the asker answers the ask-back, he or she gives the asked five spanks - otherwise the first asker gets the five spanks.
  11. Ask-backs should be fair.   If Josh asks Heather, "Do you like my wife Jane?" then a fair ask-back is for Heather to ask "Do you like my boyfriend," or "Do you like my sister Karen?"     Josh doesn't get asked back, "Do you like your wife Jane?"
  12. When the truth or dare is done, the asked or dared person becomes the asker, and asks "Truth or Dare" of someone else.   He or she can ask any person who has not already been the asker in this round, except at the end of the round when there is no one left except the person who was the first asker, and then he or she is asked.   So everyone asks once and answers once, in each round.
  13. The turn always passes to the person who was dared or asked, whether he or she did the dare (or answered the question) or not.
  14. Choose the starting person for the next round at random.   Play as many rounds as you want.
  Double dare, kiss, command, promise to repeat, fire in the barn, forfeit.
  1. Sometimes the game is played with these extra choices, or some of them.   The above rules for True and Dare apply.
  2. Double dare - some say if you agree to "double dare" then you absolutely have to do it.   This is a choice for the brave.   If you won't do what you are double dared to do, then you get ten spanks instead of five, and there are no dare-backs.
  3. Command -  This is like Dare, but is confined to things that are some sort of action.
  4. Kiss - choose Kiss, and the asker tells you who to kiss.
  5. Promise to repeat -  if you choose this, the asker says something, and you have to repeat it, in the way specified - for example, call John and say "I hunger for your body."  
  6. Promise - sometimes people play "promise or repeat" instead of "promise to repeat."    If you choose promise, you are asked to make a promise to do something later.    If you won't, you can do a dare-back of the same promise, or a fair equivalent - you get five spanks if the asker promises, the asker gets five if not.
  7. Fire in the barn - a form of "Truth,"  if you make this choice, you can be asked any question that requires you to name a favorite person of the ones playing the game.   "Who are you in love with?"   "Who is your best friend?"  "Who would you save first from a burning barn."
  8. Forfeit -  forfeit means the agreed penalty for not doing a dare or answering a question.    In this case, it is five spanks.
Some scary dares.

Truth or Dare is sometimes played for oral or other sex, and sometimes for dares involving drugs or alcohol.   If you do either, remember that playing a game of dares is no reason to be stupid.   No dangerous dares are ever allowed.   Use a condom (should the occasion arise).   No drinking dares, none at all, of any person who will be driving.   No one may propose a dare which, if they are dared back, would be dangerous for the darer to do; in particular, if the darer will be driving, he may not dare another person to drink.

If it seems dangerous or wrong, then even if you can't convince the other players that it is a dangerous dare that shouldn't be allowed, don't do it, but take the spanks - don't play this game if you are not willing to be spanked in a good cause.
  If a dare is dangerous or wrong, you should not dare-back the asker to do it.

Breaking the law, even if you think the law is stupid and the forbidden activity harms no one, may carry the risk of being caught; this risk counts the same as any other risk.

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