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Betting spanks 

TEENAGERS: something else probably not smart for you to do with an adult.

Spank bets:  All you need is a paddle and a difference of opinion.

A fun bet is to bet on whether some unsuspecting person will take some action:  "Will Johnny say anything about Toshi and Caroline being a couple?"  If you make a bet like that, it is only fair to tell the person who you bet about, what the bet was, afterwards.    Tell him he can watch the spanking, but if he wants to watch he must strip naked (as must the loser of the bet).   After he watches the spanking, try to get him to take part in a spanking bet - such as drawing a card with the low card getting the same spanking he just watched.

If you are watching a game, a good bet is that at half-time, the supporters of the team that is behind, get one bare swat each.    If that team loses, they get two swats each.   However if there's an upset and that team wins, then fans of the losing team get three each.

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