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50/50 - a sex game
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NOTICE: this game is for grown-ups. 
If you are younger than 18, please go away.

50/50 is a simple sex game for just two people.   Not for a party (although I guess it would be fun to watch).   Sent to me by "Kat"

You need a light belt or strap, a clock or timer, a candle, a tool for scratching, some clothespins, spoons, and a deck of cards.  

  1. For each round one person is the subject and is the performer - you can agree on who will be subject, or draw for it - low card is subject.
  2. Shuffle the cards well, and spread them out in a fan; subject picks a card.  A red card will mean some number of minutes of spanking and rough sex, whatever the performer chooses to do.   A black card will mean some number of minutes of sexual service, whatever the subject wants.
If subject picks a red card:
  1. The number on the card, or 10 if it's a face card, is the number of minutes of spanking and rough sex the subject gets.   
  2.  Spanking includes on the thighs and nipples, or anywhere on the body, as well on the bottom.    
  3. Other rough treatment includes pinching, scratching, and biting (But use safer sex, please - including don't scratch with fingernails, and use a dental dam for biting.   Whether you expect to draw blood or not, accidents happen.). 
  4. The candle can be used for dripping hot wax only; the flame may not be used.
  5. Spoons may be heated in hot water, not in the candle flame.
  6. Don't forget the clothespins.
If subject picks a black card:
  1. The number on the card, or 10 if it's a face card, is the number of minutes of sexual service the subject gets - any kind the subject wants.  
  2. If the subject is not satisfied, the subject gives the performer a punishment spanking for the same number of minutes.
  3. If the subject claims not to be satisfied, there is no argument.


- October 2005 -

David Nunes da Silva 


7 minutes in heaven - a sex game

A similar game sent by "Becky"

 There is a game called "7 Minutes in Heaven", the game is best played with 4 or more people. The object is to take a person into a closet, bathroom, etc. (small closed in place), wherever you decide to go, the lights must be off. The object of the game is to do anything you want to that person, whether it be as simple as a kiss or as extreme as penetration...but you only have 7 minutes...Have fun!!!

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