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Naked Sardines 
bare in a tight space

NOT ADULT?: I suppose you already know your parents would rather you didn't do this.  Don't play with an older person, though.   There could be legal issues when an adult plays a sexual game with a minor; and anyway it is not a good idea.
Sardines  a game of getting naked in a tight space.  I invented this game (more or less) when I was about six ; being a little nudist, I always hid naked for sardines or hide-and-go-seek.
  1. Everyone gathers in one room.    
  2. A player is chosen at random: that player leaves the room, finds a hiding place, strips, and hides naked - hiding the clothes too.
  3. The other players wait for one minute, and start searching.
  4. The searchers should not go in groups.
  5. If a searcher finds the hidden player, the finder says "I see you," and squeezes into the hiding place, naked.    More and more people try to squeeze in.
  6. You may strip before getting into the hiding place, or after.   If it's a closet (it usually is) you can go into the closet to strip, if there is room to do it; otherwise you must strip outside and squeeze in.
  7. The object is to hide well enough so that 60 seconds pass, after getting naked, before being found by the next person.   If you are found while getting undressed or any time up to 60 seconds after getting naked, you are a loser.
  8. It helps if you have glow-in-the-dark wristwatches.  Counting starts from the time you are naked and squeezed in.
  9. The hiding players are only found when the finder says "I see you."   The finder might chose for various reasons not to say this right away - if the 60 seconds run out before it is said, the hiding person is a winner.
  10. The last person to find and join the crush of naked bodies,  is counted as a loser.
  11. The game requires a large house and not too many players.

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- July 2005 -

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