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Letha Weapons Special

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Tiffany Towers special
Letha Weapons - Rodney Moore's How To Make a Model

Rodney Moore's How To Make a Model

This is a scene from the movie 'Rodney Moore's How To Make a Model', Letha deals with Rodney in a nice scene where you can view all here assets in a beautiful way. Actresses who have received one of Rodney's facials are said to have received a (trademarked) 'Rodney Blast'. Well, Letha receives a 'Rodney Blast'!

Filename:[BIG TITS] Letha Weapons - Rodney Moore's How To Make a Model 4 [hb].avi, dimensions:512x384, duration:24:41 minutes, size:245.0MB
Letha Weapons - Boob Queen Letha

Boob Queen Letha

Letha is having some serious action with this dude and you can see why Letha is called 'Boob Queen'

Filename:Boob_Queen_Letha_Weapon_03, dimensions:512x384, duration:13:16 minutes, size:99.1MB
Letha Weapons

Letha Weapons

Letha is the only femal pornstar I know capable of producing female cumshots, and this is the first scene where she does so. You can find the second scene over here. After ejaculating, Ron Jeremy pops by and Letha serves him wel as ever.

Filename:BTBD-Letha Weapons.avi, dimensions:720x480, duration:16:14 minutes, size:107.0MB
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Letha Weapons -Letha as Mounty


Letha, real name Stephanie Smith, plays a mounty in this great scene playing in the old West were Letha shows the way as a mounty. Not even real hard core, but beautiful, Letha in all her glory. Letha is in the bussines for over 22 year now, but this is one of her best scenes ever. What a woman !

Filename:L.WEAPONS_Mountie(2).avi, dimensions:640x480, duration:14:43 minutes, size:137.0MB
Letha Weapons - Letha fuck

Letha fuck

German spoken scene so you probably can't make much of the conversation, but that may not be the thing you were looking fore. The screamin' of her German voice get's annoying though. Besides this, there's some nice action with the regular stuff, Letha fucking, the Guy going for her boobs, some fucking and a decent cumshot at the end. Not to best quality, but you need to have it to complete your Letha collection.

Filename:leathafuck.avi, dimensions:320x240,duration:09:35 minutes, size:30.1MB
Letha Weapons - Letha Lezbo

Letha lezbo

This is from the same scene as the previous scene, German spoken also, but in this one Letha is busy with another big boobed star, doing a lezbo scene. At the end of the scene, Letha continues playing somewhat with herself and the dude from the previous scene then watches her enjoying her self, when Letha discovers him. That's the start of the previous scene, but this one's hot also.

Filename:leathalezbo.avi, dimensions:320x240, duration:11:42 minutes, size:36.9MB
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Letha Weapons - Office work

Office work

Letha takes a guy at the office, nice fucking scene and high quality vid. Letha Weapons performed in over 100 adult videos this particular one isn't really hardcode, but a nice one to watch.

Filename:Letha - Big Tit Racket - Officework.avi, dimensions:320x240, duration:12:57 minutes, size:81.4MB
Letha Weapons - Office work

Brown sofa

Letha is lying on a sofa and doing some rough action. Actually not much to say about this scene, except that the quality is pretty bad and the scene's are not the best of Letha. But, it's a Letha vid, so I'd like to share it with you anyway.

Filename:Letha - Brown Sofa.mpg, dimensions:320x240, duration:13:49 minutes, size:185MB
Letha Weapons - Ice skating

Ice skating

I very much like this scene, not porn or hardcode, but it's just Letha skating on ice. You can watch her beautifu curves and grace as she is skating over the ice. The comment on the video is funny ('Has a skater ever been this big'..), but the vid quality isn't to good, sorry for that.

Filename:Letha - Ice Skating.wmv, dimensions:640x480, duration:01:19 minutes, size:29.5MB
Letha Weapons - Solo at the pool

Solo at the pool

I think this scene is from Letha's early days take by Score Magazine. She has her hair blond and there's no interaction between anyone else, a Letha solo scene. I wonder if the pool is the samen pool as her famous pool scene and the Tiffany Towers pool scene. Later on in this scene she's rubbing her nipples and pussy with ice, very sexy!

Filename:Letha - Solo Pool.wmv, dimensions:640x480, duration:09:30 minutes, size:35.0MB
Letha Weapons - Young test shoot

Young test shoot

Letha is applying for some job and she's tested for her capabilities. She really does her best and the guy testing her can't complain. He's producing two cumshots and goes for a third at the end, but then he's out of ammo. Really nice scene, good quality.

Filename:Letha - Young Testshoot.mpeg, dimensions:352x240, duration:21:01 minutes, size:209MB
Letha Weapons - Big fucking titties

Big fucking titties

Letha is celebrating something with a dude and he wants to drink some, But Letha wants to do something else...

Filename:Letha big fucking titties.wmv, dimensions:512x384, duration:12:53 minutes, size:98.0MB
Letha Weapons - Nice Titfuck and Pussyfuck

Nice Titfuck and Pussyfuck

This vid has awful sound, it is synchronized wrong and I can't understand a word what is being said, I can't even understand what language their speaking. But it is a Letha scene, so enjoy !

Filename:Letha Weapon Nice Titfuck And Pussyfuck.avi, dimensions:512x384, duration:15:41 minutes, size:119.0MB
Letha Weapons - Gang bang:Big bust bangers

Gang bang:Big bust bangers

This scene starts with a short lesbo scene, but after that guys are coming from everywhere and Letha and them start a true gangbang ! Letha is serving I think about 10 guys at the same time, I think this is the only gangbang Letha has ever been in to. I prefer 1 to 1 scene's but if you like it, here it is.

Filename:Letha Weapons - Big Bust Bangers 02.avi, dimensions:512x384, duration:33:24 minutes, size:249.0MB
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Tiffany Towers special

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