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Absolute Superheroes II
The Expasnion Project

We are currently under construction.
More galleries will be going here soon.

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Welcome to the newly redesigned
Absolute Superheroes...
free superhero erotica site on the Web!
Over 1200 images and still growing!

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Sultry Supergirl...
Carnal Catwoman...
Brazen Batgirl...
Delectable Danger Girls...
Boinkable Buffy...
We have them all!

Featuring the works of:
Deacon Black
Kevin Karstens
Des Manders
Frank Chavez
Dimitri M.
Julius Zimmerman
Dimitrius Miller
Artie M.
Mad Monk
Absolute Superheroes' "fakes"
plus other artists.


By entering this site: you are stating that you are over 18; are familiar with the laws concerning adult content in your area and are legally able to view such materials; that you will not allow these materials to fall into the hands of minors; that you do not hold such materials to be offensive; that you are viewing them of your own free will; that you will not hold either the webmaster or any of the participating artists liable for your choosing to see such materials; and that if you give any of us any grief, you agree to have a large burly individual by the name of Vito remove both your kneecaps without anesthetic.

This site is a collection of high quality erotic superhero art in both graphic and text form, often showing characters engaging in sexual activities.   All of the contents are based on characters and often situations created and under copyright by other than the artist, and are used without their permission.  All of the works on this site fall under the legal definition of parody.  No challenge of copyright is intended in any case.   This disclaimer includes any and all works presented on this web site.

Inside, you will find works featuring (alphabetically) Abbey Chase, Angel (the XMan), Angel (the vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Angela, Arrowette, Balistic, Batgirl, Black Canary, Black Cat, Black Widow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Catwoman, Cavewoman, Copy Cat, Cyblade, Cyclops, the Danger Girls, Darkchyld, Dawn, Domino, Donna Troy, Fairchild, Fathom, Firebird, Freefall, Gabrielle, Gambit, Glory, Harley Quinn, Hercules, Huntress, Invisible Girl, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Jungle Girl, Kid Flash, Kory, Lady Death, Lara Croft, Meggan, Meltdown, Natalia Fatale, Pantha, Phoenix, Poison Ivy, Polaris, Psylocke, Rainmaker, Red Monica, Rogue, Saturn Girl, Scarlet Witch, Shadowcat, She-Hulk, Silver Sable, Spiderman, Storm, Sublime, Supergirl, Sydney Savage, Tempest, Tigra, Vampirella, Velocity, Voodoo, Wasp, White Queen, Witchblade, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Zealot and others.

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