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As soon as I announce "There is no waiting in booth B" the guys line up for the adjoining
booth to sample the oral skillz of these wild sluts..”

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Glory Holes are a means to facilitate anonymous Cock sucking. The anonymity may be for both parties or either party. The Glory hole purest would advocate full anonymity where neither party is able to see the other.
Some Glory holes are designed so one party can view the other party.

A Glory Hole is actually just a hole in a wall large enough to comfortable accommodate a penis.
 The penis is simply inserted and the party on the other side performs Fellatio and other sexual acts on it.

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My first glory hole visit- Miss Kitty

My first Glory Hole Visit...
(a Slut joins the ranks of glory hole girlz)

The thought of doing a glory hole had never occurred to me... It was something I'd never done before, but just the thought of sucking and stroking numerous hard cocks at the same time had me horny as hell. I was a bit nervous, not the bad kind of nervous though. The kind you get right before that test you know you are going to ace! The kind of "nervous" that makes you want to perform better and I had planned on doing just that. I knew, after the excitement I felt growing between my legs, I wouldn't be happy till every cock had shot it's thick load all over my face and tits! Having pictures of it had my pussy dripping sweet juices down the inside of my legs as I walked into the theater…. led was more like it as Dirty D took me to the "preplanned " event, where I would get my first glory hole experience. Like a lamb to the wolf...

The sound of muffled moaning and screams of pleasure emitted from the little booths as I passed them. Finally, I get to a door where I am told to enter. My slut training has begun. I kneel down in front of the wall and notice a few men standing in a line waiting to get a peek through the open door. They had their throbbing cocks out wanting to get sucked. I hear coins drop into the slot. I couldn't see too much through that little hole but I knew they were there. Strangers about to get their cocks sucked dry by this self proclaimed "cumslut".

I would earn that name today. I knew I wouldn't be satisfied until I got a mouthful of thick hot cum or until I was wearing it. I wanted cum dripping down my face and down to my bouncing breasts and hard nipples. Then I saw the first cock invade the was half erect and looked like it needed some attention, so I wasted no time. I swooped down and teasingly licked the head of the stranger's cock, by the third lick it had sprung to attention. It wasn't that big but was fairly long and I wondered if I would be able to deep throat that cock through this wall…the veins were bulging out and running across his cock. It didn't take me long to please him and another man moved into his place to join in on the fun.

This guy was so thick my hand couldn't quite wrap around the whole thing. I opened my mouth wide and could barely squeeze that cock in. My jaws expanded and my lips stretched to take his thickness in, he would be easy to deep throat once I got used to his girth. I started to realize that I may have a lot on my plate tonight and I needed to get busy. No long teasing suck, this was more about sucking these cocks down hard and fast as I didn't know how many more were waiting outside. Tonight I was a cumslut that would eat like a queen, milking all of the men dry. I opened my moist lips wide and engulfed half of that long cock in one quick breath.

Mmmmmm, I start to moan as I swallow the cock deeper, until I slightly gag. But I don't care, I take a deep breath and take another hard inch down my throat! It doesn't take long for cum to start dripping off of my chin. Frothy saliva running out the sides of my mouth! All I here in the background is, "no waiting in booth B" from my slut trainer - Dirty D.

I felt another cock a fairly nice one growing thicker in my busy hand. I rested my tongue on the underside of it as if to coax the hot thick cum I knew I would eventually get. Then after that another cock peers through the hole, my hand darts up and grasps it down by his balls. I stroke him firmly and feel it grow and start to lick his balls a little! As I sucked him down he started to thrust his cock forward into my mouth, my saliva running out onto his cock. I could hear his balls slamming against the wall on the other side. I could hear his breath deepening and my needs were overcoming me as my pussy felt like it was on fire. My mind was spinning as I tried to picture their faces as their cocks grew rock hard in my mouth and hands. One thick load at a time as their cocks push through the hole and I opened my lips to take every drop. My pussy was getting juicy and starting to ache to be filled. My hard nipples brush lightly against the walls where I know many a man has exploded his juices all over. Now a large drop of pre-cum drooled out of a long thin cock all I could think of is how his slightly upward curved cock would feel hitting against my g-spot. I licked the pre-cum off his head. I then took the bulbous purple head into my mouth and sucked it. I wanted more of what I tasted.

Over a dozen men had now cum in my mouth, I now had dried cum caked up on my face. Some fresh cum was still on my breast and chin as the last cock crams into my cum filled mouth. I am not worn out, just very wet wanting a little more than what I had just received. I looked at the chair next to me, inside the booth, and spotted a large thick clear dildo someone had just bought for me. I feel a weight put on my left shoulder. I turned to see my master...the man who has commanded me to suck cock after cock.

He knew exactly what I was thinking... I got up from the kneeling position that I had been in, for quite sometime. I sat down in the chair with my legs high in the air, spread wide with my heels on. He comes inside the booth with me. He positioned himself between my legs for a few more pictures. I could feel my juices running down my thighs. I needed something thick and throbbing to invade my tight aching pussy.

With my legs spread wide open in each corner of the booth, I grabbed the dildo and started to rub it against my now swollen clit. I could not handle it anymore so I reached for the first hand I could grab. A hand of one of the strangers that I had pleased earlier and had him take control of the dildo for me. I wanted a thick throbbing cock rammed into my hot pink slit, but this would do for now. As he thrust it in and out of me, I could feel an orgasm start to build inside of me and finally I explode with a shudder... Squirting uncontrollably while my master spanked me hard a few times.

One of Miss Kitty's fantasy's had been satisfied!
Would I do it again?
Hell yes!
Anyone up for a little glory hole action?

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