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Celtic Heart's Erotic Fiction

Welcome to my library of erotic fiction. I hope you enjoy this collection of stories. To provide you with some idea as to which categories the stories fall into the following list has been put together.
Masturbation/Oral Sex Stories:
All Oral
Straight Couples Stories:
Discovering Intimacy
(The original version)
Discovering Intimacy
(The Literotica version)
Blast From The Past
My Affair?
The Business Trip
My Night In Pt 1
My Night In Pt 2
Diary of Desire
The Morning After
Pregnant Desire
Welcome Home
Julia and Phil
  1. All In A Night's Work
  2. The Mistress
The Adventures Of Clare Series
  1. Stranded
  2. One Night Stand
  3. Invitation To Adultery
Lesbian Couples Stories:
Another Intimate Discovery
(The sequel to Discovering Intimacy)
The Lovers
My Boyfriend's Sister
A Woman's First Touch
The Sharon & Laura Series:
  1. The Beginning
  2. Sharon & Laura At Home
  3. The Check Up
Group Sex Stories:
The Conference
The Strangers
The Office Party
Double Trouble
First Night Of Term
The Pleasures Series:
  1. Blindfold Pleasures
  2. Party Pleasures
The Sue & Lisa Series:
  1. Birthday Treat
  2. All Friends Together
  3. Share And Share Alike
  4. After Dinner Treat

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St. Mary's Schoolgirl Sluts
The Sexy Adventures Of Shona, Jane & Friends
Ch.1 - Shona's First Time
Ch.2 - Jane's First Time
Ch.3 - A Taste Of Victory
Ch.4 - Friends And Lovers
Ch.5 - After Dark
Ch.6 - By The Riverbank
Ch.7 - The Aerobics Class
Ch.8 - The Visitors
Ch.9 - The School Disco
Ch.10 - The Changing Room
Ch.11 - Amanda's Affair
Ch.12 - Private Tuition
Ch.13 - The Field Trip
Ch.14 - The Photo Session
Ch.15 - Advanced Biology
Ch.16 - The Hockey Match
Ch.17 - Saturday Morning
Ch.18 - The Museum Trip
Ch.19 - Amanda's Eighteenth Birthday
Ch.20 - The Library
Ch.21 - Shopping
Ch.22 - Punishment
Ch.23 - A Break From Revision
Ch.24 - The Initiation
Ch.25 - End Of School Party

The Hitchhiker - A series by Jake
Jane and Shona's American Adventure
Ch. 1 - Catching A Ride
Ch. 2 - Lakeside Adventures
Ch. 3 - Beth's Fresh Start
Ch. 4 - Moving On

Sydney - A series by Jake & Celtic Heart
Jane and Jake's Summer Holiday
Ch. 1 - Arrival
Ch. 2 - Settling In
Ch. 3 - Being Watched
Ch. 4 - Nina

Shona's Summer Holiday - A series by Jake
The Further Adventures Of Shona & Jane
Ch.1 - The Reunion
Ch.2 - The Shower
Ch.3 - The Night Out
Ch.4 - The Babysitter
Ch.5 - Fond Farewells

More Shona & Jane Stories.
*Denotes a story by Jake.
**Denotes a story by Ralph.
Chance Encounter**
Sexual Desire**
Close Relations
The House Warming Party
The Break In*
The Buyers*
Hotel Encounter
Whore For A Night**
These lists will be updated as and when more stories are written.

All characters and events described in these stories are purely fictitious. Any similarity to any person, either living or dead, or to any event, is entirely coincedental.

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