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Furry Romance

Adult Role Play -TS Sex

Many fursons are willing to admit this but one of the finest and nicest hobbies in furry is Adult Role Playing (ARP). I think it is because it is very democratic. You may not be able to draw or make things like a fursuit. You may not be able to right a great novel or story. But if you can dream, read and write even a little bit,  then you can do this.  Although very many furs like to do quick scenes of casual sex involving exotic elements, Adult Role playing doesn't just include this. It is any style of love that you can express with words.


Many furswould like to do it but donít know how. Others do it but donít do it as well as they would like. The purpose of this little site is to provide furs with my view of how to do it and how to make it better. (Pun intended) Many times I use experiences out of my life and times in over 200 chat rooms over the last 5 years.


Also note that this site is not a manual for making love but a flow of methodology that will help you in a more organic way to become a better lover on line and (if you pay attention) off-line as well.


(Important Notes: I am not the expert and you will notice that this site is NOT complete.  Please email me with any additions that you would have to this site or things that I screwed up. Many pages don't have art. If you have some of your art that you would like to see here let me know and send it to me.  Even more importantly,if you use this guide and it helps you, tell me. It is thanks like this that reward me.)



IM (instant Messenger)

PM (Personal Message)

ARP (Adult Role Play)

RPG (Role Playing Game)



        The Rules of the Game

        Most important concepts

        The Power of the Process

        Furry Positions: A Gallery of Sex Positions:

        Erotic Elements

        Hot Love Style Issues (Commentary)

        Exotic Styles Of Love (Commentary)
Random ARP Part, Props and Places Generator.

        IRC jargon

        The Original Tiny Sex FAQ

        Last word from Onyxliger



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